Devotional Sex

Devotional Activities


She has him see her naked or scantily dressed
knowing that this will have him admiring and desiring her:

She is also a Goddess is she is dressed normally but letting him see her breasts or her panties (or even more if she isn't wearing any). 'Scantily dressed' include her wearing lingerie.

The term 'Goddess' is used because her body has the power to so easily have him desire her, and both know that for now he can only look and that sexual activity won't happen until she wishes - he may even have to wait until another day.

Part of her being his Goddess is that she is aware of and enjoying the effect she is having on him and he knows that she is doing this to have him desire her.

She may be his Goddess for just a few moments or for hours.

If she also wants to have him be naked (so that she can see the rise and fall of his arousal), then that is the next activity - Homage.


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