Devotional Sex

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When she has him be naked whilst she is his Goddess:

This is a combination of the fun of Affirmation (him naked) and her being his Goddess (her also naked or partially undressed).

Having him be naked when she is his Goddess enables him to pay homage as it enables her to see every sign of his arousal.

Homage has a different feel from Affirmation, hence my giving it a new name.

Homage in private (which may be outside if no-one else can see you) will always have him erect for at least for some of the time.

But if Homage is done on say a normal nude beach it is inappropriate for him to get aroused. But as the Devotional Dynamic is felt by both this isn't just naturalism (though others who see you may think that it is) and so counts as Homage.


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