Devotional Sex

Devotional Activities

Back / Body Massage

She has him give her a back or full body massage:

She may enjoy this a a prelude to her getting aroused and some sexual activity, or for her it can be just a sensual experience.

As it works best for a Princess not to tell her Knight what she is thinking about doing later in a session, she doesn't need to decide what, if anything, will follow the massage. So she can just relax and enjoy the massage and see where her feelings take her.

She should remember that her Knight is not a mind reader and so let him know what feels best for her. This includes letting him know if she wants more of something before he moves on to a different action.

A Princess can ask for a massage when she feels too stressed for any sexual activity. Of course the massage will relax her, and once relaxed she might feel in the mood for further activity. And a Knight may offer to give a massage in part because he knows that once she feels relaxed something may follow.

With his higher than usual erotic energy he may get aroused from just giving the message, and he will feel hers as he doesn't know what, if anything, will happen afterwards.

His erotic energy makes giving the massage more fun and pleasurable for him, and thus his arousal can be encouraged by the Princess, even when for her the session is only a relaxing sensual pleasure.

If the massage is in bed before sleep and she doesn't feel like any sexual activity after the massage then she can reward her Knight with a Devotional Cuddle afterwards.


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