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With Devotional Sex you have control over when some sexual activity happens, what it is that happens, and when it ends. Page 1 of this overview shows how you can thus tailor sex so that it always makes you happy.

You might think that having to keep him equally happy (page 2) is incompatible with this, but because
practicing Devotional Sex significantly changes how he thinks and feels about sexual activity it actually becomes fairly easy for you both to be very happy with sex.

So how does Devotional Sex change how he thinks and feels?

With 'normal' sex he knows that foreplay usually leads to intercourse which leads to his ejaculation. But with Devotional Sex how long an activity lasts and what, if anything happens next is now totally up to you, and most sessions end without him ejaculating.

Thus instead of him thinking about one thing leading to another and ending with his ejaculation he now focuses on enjoying the pleasures of each moment. With Devotional Sex his thinking changes to become more like mindful / Tantric sex.

He knows that you can end a session whenever you want, so your ending a session, even if it only lasted a few minutes, is a cost he must pay to reap the reward of enjoying much more sex than before. So you getting him aroused for just a few minutes and then ending activity isn't teasing and denying him - it is pleasing him and making him happy.

Devotional Sex has given new names to sexual parts and activities, and these new terms are introduced below as we look at how sexual activity keeps him happy and how this gives you lots of new ways to increases your happiness as well.

Desire Play
Desire is the Devotional Sex term for penis, so Desire Play is actively playing with his erection.

With his higher than normal erotic energy (due to fewer ejaculations) all sexual activity feels much more intense and pleasurable. So something as simple as playing with his erection is now much more pleasurable for him.

Desire Play increases his energy and makes him eager for other activity. But of course he knows that other activity may not follow.

When you don't feel like receiving sexual pleasure yourself you may find it fun to pleasure him and to enjoy his desire for you. And as he doesn't ejaculate at the end you know that he will continue to desire you and will be thinking of you until your next session.

Desire Kisses
Desire Kisses are giving him oral sex.

With his high erotic energy this is now so pleasurable for him that even just a minute or two of this will delight him.

As well as you having full control over when (or if) this happens and how long it will last, you have control of how it happens. With Devotional Sex he will only ever thrust into your mouth or ejaculate in your mouth if you ask him to. Otherwise these things will never happen.

So Desire Kisses can become all about giving gentle sensual pleasure - a special treat for him.


Joy is the Devotional Sex term for intercourse, and this is an activity which pleasures both.

As there is usually no climax (for him) he always wants sexual activity to last as long as it can. And as you can end the activity whenever you wish the way for him to have the activity last longer is for him to tune in to how you are feeling and do his best to make it pleasurable to you.

His selfish reason for trying to make it as good for you as he can is so that it lasts longer for him. But tuning in to how you feel also makes the sex much more intimate and connected and he gains significant pleasure from this connection and from pleasuring you.

As you decide what happens you can have him pump you hard during Joy whenever you wish (and, of course, in the position you wish).

For many him taking care not to ejaculate by mistake combined with him tuning in to your pleasure results in sex becoming much slower, more sensual, and longer lasting. This style of sex shares some of the benefits and feel of Tantric Sex even though what you are doing has just dropped out from your doing Devotional Sex.

Pleasure Play
The Devotional Sex term for your sex is Pleasure, and so Pleasure Play is him using his hands to pleasure you.

Some Princesses think that as she can have him use his mouth whenever she wishes why ask him to use his hand - and so some Knights rarely get to touch her Pleasure with his hands.

Those who want to enjoy him using his hands of course get to decide when this happens and you can tell him how you want it done as well (ie teach him to better pleasure you).

Whilst 'normal' sex often has him using his hands to 'warm her up' what tends to happen in Devotional Sex is that a Princess only has him touch her once she is already aroused.


Pleasure Kisses
Pleasure Kisses are him giving you oral sex.

Where his new way of thinking and feeling about sex makes the biggest difference to most Devotee couples is that
he starts to enjoy giving you oral sex as much as you enjoy receiving it - it genuinely becomes a mutual pleasure.

There are some Devotee couples where she doesn't enjoy receiving oral and/or he isn't willing to give it. So Devotional Sex can be practiced without having Pleasure Kisses.

But my surveys have found that for most couples practicing Devotional Sex leads to him giving her oral sex much more often than before, and this happens more often than the couple have intercourse. And even though he very often gives her Pleasures Kisses,
over half the men who live Devotional Sex wish it would happen even more often, and almost all the rest are happy with the amount.

Just think how this changes the feel of getting into bed with your partner and him cuddling up to you with an erection:
Even for women who chose not to receive much or any oral sex, this change in his thinking shows how Devotional Sex creates a very different feel about sex for you as well.

Because him giving her oral often becomes a major focus of sex, and because it is a genuine mutual pleasure, the Devotional Sex logo represents this act which is enjoyed with mutual devotion.


With you being able to start and end sexual activity whenever you wish, with his arousal no longer having any expectations of penetration and his ejaculation, and him now eager to enjoy any activity you decide will happen - sexual activity usually happens much more often than before.

This big increase in activity is not only enjoyed by you but is one of his key benefits of doing Devotional Sex.

A sex life where you might give him two minutes of oral sex in the morning and you allow him to give your thirty minutes of oral sex in the evening isn't balanced or fair with 'normal' sex, but within Devotional Sex this can easily have you both equally happy.

Another inequality is that although you get as much of every activity as you wish, he will probably want more sexual activity than happens and may wish there was more of an activity that doesn't happen or only happens rarely.

Him wanting more than happens makes him appreciate what does happen even more. And as he gets much more activity than before doing Devotional Sex, and he enjoys this activity much more than before, he can still feel extremely happy with his sex life even though he has fantasies about getting more.


Him ejaculating

Though he doesn't ejaculate as often as before, when he does this is usually much more powerful and pleasurable (and thus also more fun for you as well).

Not ejaculating often is a cost to him of doing Devotional Sex, but ejaculations are not bad - they are even better than before! So even though it doesn't happen often, when it does it is a source of pleasure and happiness.

If you are doing a Beginner or Intermediate Spell then you have both agreed how long it will be until he gets to ejaculate. But you still get to decide exactly when (ie if he is going to ejaculate on Sunday night you decide at what time on Sunday night) and you get to decide how.

This means that when you have a Devotional Weekend and you end sexual activity on Saturday night that there is no feeling that you are denying him because by agreeing to do the Devotional Weekend he has committed not to ejaculate until Sunday evening.

When doing a Stretch of Devotional Sex or Living it then your third commitments applies. This is that:
He lets you know what average time between ejaculations works best for him. For an experienced 40 year old Knight this might be 7 days.

If you want a rest from his energy, or just for fun, you might have him ejaculate after only 3 days, and it can be fun for you both to sometimes have him last longer than usual and keep him charged for 10 or even 14 days.

Part of what keeps Devotional Sex exciting for him is that he never knows when a Session will end with "Release" or "That's all for now".
Though the sex has become more intimate, this is hardly the huge increase in intimacy and connection promised!

And what happens just after you decide to end sexual activity and your Knight has not ejaculated?

The next page looks at what happens immediately after sexual activity ends. Read on as this may both surprise and delight you!


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