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Immediately After Sex

As a Knight usually doesn't ejaculate at the end of a Session, with Devotional Sex it is the man who most wants a cuddle afterwards! Apart from those times when you have to get up immediately, the after sex cuddle is an important part of the whole dynamic.

What you do
In Jill's story on page 2 she wrote that after her orgasm they had a cuddle.

The magic of Devotional Sex comes from this not being just a cuddle but a Devotional Cuddle. This is a cuddle where she gently holds (and perhaps lazily plays with) his erection.

For Jill giving her Knight a Devotional Cuddle was so automatic and normal that she didn't mention that she held his erection during her post-orgasm cuddle. She just lay back and relaxed after her orgasm and enjoyed their now normal Devotional Cuddle and her Knight's powerful feelings of intimacy and connection with her.

So why does giving your Knight a Devotional Cuddle just after sexual activity ends, and there is time to have a cuddle, make such a difference to him?


What happens to him
When Tom moves up to cuddle Jill after giving her a long Pleasure Kiss and orgasm he is highly aroused. And this isn't just the energy generated from this session because as he has not ejaculated for several days he is carrying the energy from the previous sessions as well.

How does Tom cope with the frustration of no release?

Jill giving him a cuddle ensures that he doesn't feel rejected by Jill. But if Jill just gave him a normal cuddle though he wouldn't feel rejected by her his high erotic energy still has no release and so he is likely to feel strong sexual frustration.

Jill holding his erection is her acknowledging and accepting his erotic energy. The cuddle is a 'thank you for being my partner' whilst her hand holding his erection is a 'thank you for being my Knight'.

With the Devotional Cuddle Tom is able to enjoy a pleasure which I believe is unique to Devotional Sex - Exaltation. This is when his high energy is directed into intense feelings of intimacy and connection. It is so intense that it is like an emotional orgasm!

Exaltation is not the same as an ejaculation, but it can be more satisfying and pleasurable for him than just a normal ejaculation.

An evening which is him giving her a 30 minute Pleasure Kiss, her orgasm, and then a cuddle without her having to 'get him off' sounds like just a female fantasy. But when she gives him a Devotional Cuddle afterwards and he experiences Exaltation this becomes an evening which he enjoys just as much as her.

But this isn't all .....

Exaltation takes the edge off his high energy, but once he relaxes after this he is still very hard and aroused. He now knows that no further sexual activity is going to happen that session, so rather than thinking about what he would like to happen now but won't, he directs his thoughts to fond memories of what has happened in the past, desire for what will happen in future sessions, and to using his erotic energy to enjoy the relaxed intimacy and connection of the Devotional Cuddle.

Him being aroused and directing his energy into a relaxing cuddle without expectation of things going further is called Adoration.

If his energy isn't high when you end sexual activity and you give him a Devotional Cuddle he will go straight to Adoration.

The Devotional Cuddle generates intimacy and connection

A few men will be able to enjoy Exaltation and after sex Adoration without receiving a Devotional Cuddle. But most, especially beginners, who don't get a Devotional Cuddle when sex ends and they have high energy will feel frustrated - especially if they were expecting a Devotional Cuddle.

This is why I recommend that part of your being devoted to your partner is that you make it a habit to always give him a Devotional Cuddle after sexual activity ends and you have time to have a cuddle.

With Devotional Sex the sex is wonderful (and more intimate) but it's what happens after sex  which builds and maintains most of the intimacy and connection.

When there is no time for a cuddle afterwards

If you have a few minutes of sexual activity in the morning and there is no time for a post-activity Devotional Cuddle then this is unlikely to lead to him feeling frustrated.

For a start he knew that there was no time for a cuddle, and he will feel that the pleasure of the sexual activity more than makes up for the having to handle his energy just after sex ends. Also he will be distracted from his energy by having to get up and get ready for the day.

You may very much enjoy seeing him get out of bed with an erection after you morning sexual activity as this proves that he will be thinking about you and desiring you for the rest of the day.

So far we have looked at what happens during sex and what happens immediately after sex.

But this is only part of Devotional Sex - most Devotee couples spend more time each week enjoying the dynamic when they are not engaged in sexual activity, and this is discussed on the next page.


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