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In-between your sessions of sex

Because your Knight usually doesn't ejaculate he always feels some erotic energy in-between your sessions. This makes a big difference when in bed together and it also changes how you both feel outside the bedroom.

This page looks at what happens in bed when you don't have any sexual activity, and how the dynamic can be enjoyed outside of the bedroom

In bed

When doing Devotional Sex your Knight never knows what is going to happen when you go to bed together at night or wakeup together in the morning. With his built up erotic energy just the excitement of you being in bed with him and the possibility that something might happen can sometimes, often, usually, or for some always have him becoming aroused and erect.

So with Devotional Sex it becomes normal to have many bedtimes and wakeups where he is erect and aroused before you indicate that something will happen.

This is great for you because if you decide you want some sexual activity he is already eager to do anything you wish. (If he isn't already erect then his built up energy ensures that it takes very little encouragement to get him hard.)

But as explained on page one of this overview, his commitment to fulfilling your wishes also means that whenever you wish you can enjoy a bedtime or wakeup without any sexual activity.

Though it is essential that you can have time off from acting on his arousal, him being aroused so easily and often is a natural part of Devotional Sex. Thus the last of the four things you commit to when doing Devotional Sex is that:
As his arousal no longer has an expectation of activity, but is now just proof that your Knight desires you, when you don't feel like sexual activity you can either ignore his arousal or enjoy it.

So when in bed at bed time or when waking up and you don't feel like any sexual activity you have three options:

  1. You do nothing (ie you don't even have a cuddle).

  2. You have a cuddle. Even though you can tell that he is erect you ignore his erection and you just enjoy the energy of the cuddle.

  3. You make the cuddle a Devotional Cuddle by holding his erection as you cuddle.
Him agreeing to fulfill your wishes means that he has committed to accept your decision.

But what about his erotic energy?

The last
of the four things he commits to when doing Devotional Sex is:
Him managing his own erotic energy means that when you decide that no sex will happen (as well as when you decide sexual activity will end) he has to work to bring his energy under control.

As will be explained in the Overview for HIM, Devotional Sex is a higher energy version of Taoist and Tantric practices where his energy is tamed to become an enhancement to life.

Thus in bed, though he starts off eager for activity, once he realizes that no sexual activity will happen (which may be because you say "just a cuddle tonight") he relaxes into Adoration, ie even though he is aroused his energy is directed into enjoy relaxed intimacy and connection.

Celebrating your dynamic with Devotional Cuddles
When doing long Stretches or Living Devotional Sex your partner commits to only ever ejaculate when with you and when you decide. For most Devotee couples this forms a very powerful bond between them which becomes an important part of their relationship.

A Devotional Cuddle which goes no further becomes a celebration of this bond. His energy is in your hands not just literally (as you are holding him) but because he won't ejaculate until you decide.

For many Devotee couples it will be usual for a Princess to give her Knight a Devotional Cuddle before any sexual activity. So a Devotional Cuddle has him feeling very much yours because you can feel his excitement that something further might happen, while also feeling that he is devoted to you and accepts that what if anything happens next is up to you.

So just a Devotional Cuddle becomes a celebration of your devotional bond and the intimacy and connection with flows from this.

As presented on page 4, a Devotional Cuddle immediately after sexual activity enables him to channel his energy into Exaltation and Adoration. These Devotional Cuddles plus any Devotional Cuddles that happen immediately before sexual activity plus the many Devotional Cuddles that go no further means that many Devotee couples will spend much more time enjoying Devotional Cuddles than they do engaged in sexual activity.

So though the sexual activity with Devotional Sex is wonderful, it is likely that it is the many Devotional Cuddles which is what makes doing Devotional Sex feel most special for you both.


Outside the bedroom

For many Knights it will be usual for him to get out of bed in the morning with an erection. This shows that he will be carrying erotic energy all day. And this is special for you because it means that he will be thinking about you all day.

As a Knight he learns the Eastern practice of having his energy under control enough for it to become a positive life force without which life feels a bit flat.

He is likely to have times when he gets hard when he isn't with you, and he feels his commitment to be your Knight very much then because he cannot end this arousal with an ejaculation.

When you are apart it can be fun to phone or message him and say something about your dynamic and know that this is enough for him to get hard.

When he is with you then he is always at least slightly aware that he is your Knight. His erotic energy combined with all the intimacy and connection makes going out together for dinner have the feel of a second honeymoon. It's not uncommon to have friends notice a difference in your relationship - for some reason you both seem happier and more in love.

It doesn't sound very Knight like, but some Princesses think of him as being a like an eager puppy - always desiring you and always extremely happy for any attention. Like with a real puppy, you enjoy times of playing with his energy and you have lots of time when you ignore it and do other things.

Playing with his energy is anything that increases his arousal and starts to get him hard. Anything that arouses him is good for him and is using and celebrating his energy, and he knows the price he has to pay is that this play may end at any time.

Though optional, most Devotee couples celebrate their dynamic outside the bedroom by enjoying Affirmation, which is spending some time together with him naked and her dressed.

To enjoy this you only need say one word - Reveal - and he removes all his clothes and stays that way until you say he can get dressed. Part of the fun, for both you and him, is that he never knows when you will say this!

With Devotional Sex there is no humiliation involved and though he of course feels yours he also feels proud to be your Knight.

His arousal is part of Affirmation, but whether he is hard for just some of the time or most of the time is up to you (unless he remains aroused just from the excitement of the situation).

Affirmation doesn't mean you have to touch him - you can tell him to Display for you or to play with himself to keep him hard. Part of the fun for you is that as he is naked you can see every little rise and fall in his arousal, and it can be fun to get him hard and then to watch to see how long he takes to go down.

Note that having Affirmation in the evening doesn't imply that there will be any sexual activity that night in bed. So as well as being fun for you, Affirmation is a way to let you Knight do something with his energy when you don't feel like sexual activity.

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