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Overview of Devotional Sex for HER
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Bringing it all together

The One Page Summary lists the four commitments for you and him which make up Devotional Sex. Hopefully this overview has shown you why each is an essential part of making it all work.

Most of the challenge of doing Devotional Sex is faced by the Knight, but you fulfilling your role is essential to keeping everything working.

And when it does all work you really will be living in a new world of intimacy, passion, and pleasure.

What happens when a couple decide to live Devotional Sex?

My What Happens in Bed survey shows the average.

But as mentioned on page 1, Devotional Sex doesn't tell you what activities to do or how often. It is up to each couple to work out what works best for them. See here for the Huge Variation within real-life Devotional Sex.



Devotional Sex also provides a platform upon which:
As Devotional Sex is about increasing mutual happiness you will only do what works for you both as a couple. So Devotional Sex provides a very safe way to explore new activities.

It's different from other techniques

Devotional Sex isn't living Tantra or Tao because, amongst other things, with Devotional Sex he has given her control over what happens and sex usually ends leaving him with much higher energy than happens with Tantra or Tao.

And it isn't Female Domination / BDSM because it's not about dominance, submission, humiliation, or any other kinky activities.

But you don't have to do one technique or another. You may find that a mix of Devotional Sex and something else works best for you both.

Next steps

I hope this overview has inspired you to explore Devotional Sex.

Some of this overview may not make sense until you experience it. And not only is it difficult to put into words how wonderful this all feels, it is hard to get across that for the Princess this can very quickly start to feel natural.

This overview is just an overview - see the rest of this website for much, much more.

If it is your partner who introduced you to Devotional Sex and he is keen to give it a go then you may already know enough to agree to give it a try. If you wish you can leave it to your partner to study this website and he can then answer all your questions and tell you what else you need to know.

If you are the one who is most keen to try Devotional Sex then you may have to do most of the reading so that you can guide your partner.

I'm currently writing an Overview of Devotional Sex for Him which will explain Devotional Sex from his point of view.


Discussion and questions

If you are new to Devotional Sex and have any questions about this overview or just wish to share your thoughts, please visit this topic on my forum.

If you are already doing Devotional Sex and have any suggestions for how to improve this overview please post in this topic on my forum.


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