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The Devotional Sex Photo-Blog

This website ( does NOT host any explicit photos or videos.

But I do run a photo-blog at which illustrates Devotional Sex
with tasteful, but often explicit, photos together with explanatory text.

If viewing explicit photos may offend, please ignore this photo-blog.

Tumblr have changed their policy on “sensitive content”.

To view my photo-blog
you must now be logged in to a Tumblr account,
  be over 18, and have 'Safe Mode' switched off.
See here for how to do this.

Once you have done this you can view the Devotional Sex Photo-Blog at:

View photos by category

You can see all the photos I've posted for some categories
    (eg just Affirmation, just Pleasure Kissing).


About the Photo-Blog

The photo-blog is a collection of sexually explicit photos which I've interpreted as showing Devotional Sex in action.

Almost all the photos are reblogged from other Tumblrs. Even though it's unlikely that any are real-life Devotional Sex, as I only select photos that have the look and feel of Devotional Sex, they work well to illustrate the technique and lifestyle.

"The photo-blog, which may appear to be pornographic,
offers excellent examples of the mindset that Devotional Sex
creates between partners."
(a female reader)


The photo-blog also includes snippets of text explaining how Devotional Sex relates to each photo.

So even if you have no interest in looking at the photos you may find the blog worth visiting just to read the text which goes with each photo.


"I have garnered at least as much insight on basic Devotional Sex principles
from your extended photo-blog captions as from your core site."
   (a male reader)


Note that on Tumblr the newest entry appears first, and as you read further you are going back in time. So my first Tumblr post, made on 16 November 2011, is at the very end of the blog near:

As I post more the last page will become page 395, then 396, etc.

Over the years I've refined the concepts and terms of Devotional Sex, and now some of the older captions are very out-of-date. Rather than go back and update old captions I've left them as they were originally writen, making the old posts a historical record.

In compiling this collection of photos I can only choose from the photos that others have published on Tumblr. Thus how often each activity is shown on the blog shows what is available on Tumblr and doesn't represent a realistic mix of Devotional Activities (eg I wish I could find many more photos showing Devotional Cuddles).

The vast majority of explicit photos on Tumblr are of young, slim, white people, and thus most photos on this blog are of the same demographic. 

Why do I run a Photo-Blog?

The main reason is that the photo-blog gets seen by thousands of people every day, and so this is the way, so far, that most have come to discover Devotional Sex.

I keep posting because it's mainly my new posts that get reblogged by others and thus I need to keep posting to keep gaining new followers.

The second reason for the photo-blog is that some people prefer to learn about Devotional Sex by reading lots of little snippets.

And finally, though I know that explicit photos are not to everyone's tastes, I think the photo blog can be enjoyed just for the tasteful photos illustrating happy consensual sexual activities.


Comments and Discussion

You can comment upon and discuss the Devotional Sex Photo-Blog in this part of the forum.


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