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Tumblr have changed their policy on “sensitive content”:

To view my Photo-Blog you need to:
This is very bad for me because many people who read my Tumblr before will not bother to do all of this and so I will have fewer readers and thus fewer people will learn about Devotional Sex.

But it doesn't take long to set up a Tumblr account and turn 'safe mode' off, so I hope you and many others do so.

Creating a Tumblr account
Creating a Tumblr account is free. Just go to

You need to enter an email address.

Many people create a special email account (on Gmail or similar) to use for setting up not suitable for work accounts. Alternatively, of course, you can use your normal email account. Note that users of Tumblr can't see your email address.

You also need to specify a unique name for your account. This is something that other Tumblr users can see, but it can be anything (eg devsfan22).

You also need to choose a password and let them know you are over 18 (assuming you are).

Advantages of using Tumblr
Once you have a Tumblr account you can follow my Devotional Sex Tumblr and then all my posts will appear in your Tumblr Dashboard.

If you wish you can start your own Tumblr blog and reblog some of my photos as well as posts by others, and you can even add some original content.

Turning 'Safe Mode' off
The default for new Tumblr accounts is to have 'Safe Mode' switched on. To view "sensitive content" you need to turn this off.

If you are under 18 you cannot turn 'Safe Mode' off.

If you are over 18 then to turn it off:


Finally you can see my photo-blog:
Once you are logged in to your Tumblr account and have 'safe mode' switched off you can view my Devotional Sex Photo-Blog at:

And if you click FOLLOW then all that I post will appear in your Tumblr dashboard.

Search engines no longer index my Photo Blog
In the past Tumblr allowed me to have Google and other search engines view my blog and thus people could find my posts and photos by using a search engine.

Unfortunately Tumblr have decided that Tumblrs with adult content can no longer be viewed by search engines and so my Devotional Sex Photo-Blog will disappear from Google and other search engines.

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