Devotional Sex

Types of Session

Pleasure Cherishing

A long Pleasure Kiss which becomes a meditation to both:

This is a long
Pleasure Kiss which isn't done to quickly build up to her orgasm but as a meditation for him to give and for her to receive.

Like learning real meditation, it may take some practice for both to learn to be able to get into the zone so that it eventually feels right to do this for a very long time. But learning to do this can be part of the fun.

She can have this happen from just saying "Pleasure" and him following her energy which as it stays low means he stays slow and gentle. Or she can let him know that this will be a long Pleasure Kiss by saying "Cherish".

If she wishes then at the end she can build up energy and have an orgasm, or it may feel right for both to end with a Devotional Cuddle without either having had an orgasm.

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