Devotional Sex

Devotional Sex for Your Situation

Devotional Sex can be practiced in a variety of situations - including within an established relationship, when dating and, for those without a romantic partner, with a friend. As each situation is different, Devotional Sex works best if the definition is changed to best fit that situation.

This section looks at the different types of Devotional Sex that result, one of which will be a fit to your current situation.


Within a Relationship

The majority of this website is written for a couple in an established romantic relationship.

There are many ways such a couple can enjoy Devotional Sex:
The definition of Devotional Sex has been written for a couple in a relationship who are either Living or doing Stretches or Seasons of Devotional Sex, ie when it is the Princess who decides when her Knight gets to Climax.

Devotional Sex can also be practiced by those not in an established romantic relationship, and as you will see below this usually has a definition slightly different from how a couple do it.


Devotional Dating

Devotional Sex works wonderfully when it is used from the very beginning of a couple starting to explore a romantic and intimate relationship.

Practicing Devotional Sex when dating creates much greater intimacy and connection as it enables and encourages slow exploration. Spending time together sharing erotic energy, but without rushing to go the 'whole way', builds trust and intimacy. It is also very exciting and lots of fun.


Devotional Friends

Devotional Friends are friends who are not in a romantic relationship and use Devotional Sex to share erotic energy together with their chosen mix of intimacy, sensual pleasures, sexual resting, erotic fun, sexual pleasures, or just exploring the dynamic of Devotional Sex.

Like with Devotional Dating, in a Devotional Friendship the Knight NEVER Climaxes when with his Princess. Also Devotional Friends never go as far as Joy.

It feels extremely liberating to enjoy a Devotional Friendship. Between doing nothing and doing everything there is a huge playground of adult fun just waiting to be explored.

Within what her Knight is willing to do, the Princess chooses which parts of the playground to enjoy. No longer distracted by wanting to go 'all the way', he is freed to fully enjoy what does happen.

For those in a well established Devotional Friendship they can, if he is willing and she wishes,  sometimes have him Climax when with her and/or occasionally have Joy.

Devotional Sex Club
Because there is no romantic relationships with Devotional Friends a group of singles can form a club where all the men in the club are Devotional Friends with all the women in the club.


Devotional Fling

A Devotional Fling is a one-night stand or friends-with-benefits where he commits to giving her control over what happens, she uses this control so that they both enjoy the experience. Unlike a Devotional Friendship with a Devotional Fling they can have Joy and he gets to ejaculate at the end.

The big advantage of this for a woman is that this makes it easy for her to avoid porn-style sex and there is no longer any pressure or expectation that she should consent to things that please him but which she doesn't enjoy or she actually dislikes.

That a fling be a Devotional Fling can be suggested by the man or it can be a condition set by her ("I would love to have some fun, but I have a condition ...").


Supplicant Knight

A Supplicant Knight is a man who tries to live as close as he can to Devotional Sex even though his partner has not accepted the role of being his Princess.

Her not being his Princess might be because he wants to explore some of these techniques himself before he tells her about Devotional Sex. Or it might be when she has been told about Devotional Sex but isn't willing to embrace it.

A man can also be a Supplicant Knight when he doesn't have a partner. But without the intimacy and activity enjoyed with a partner this is rather challenging.


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