Devotional Sex

The Zone of Devotional Sex

There is a zone of a man's erotic energy and behavior within which Devotional Sex all comes together.

A Knight is in the zone when:
When he is in the zone his Princess uses the control he has given her to enhance her sexual, sensual and intimate life whilst also keeping him equally happy.


Devotional Sex then follows
Getting into the zone is something a new Knight needs to learn to do. Most of the work to do this is him managing himself - it is an internal challenge. Once he is in the zone the dynamic and activities of Devotional Sex follow naturally ...

Because he is desiring sex all the time and he knows that this can't happen, it makes sense for him to give her control over when sexual activity happens.

When she doesn't feel like sexual activity his eagerness and arousal often lead to lots of cuddles and Devotional Cuddles without anything further happening. This, combined with the Devotional Cuddles after sexual activity ends, generates lots of intimacy and connection.

Because he is keen for any activity to happen it also makes sense for him to give her control over what activities happen as when she feels like doing just one activity she can then enjoy this with him without feeling anything else is expected to follow. This usually results in much more sexual activity.

Because he is giving her control for good practical reasons which are nothing to do with domination or submission, she doesn't need to act or feel dominant when she uses her control.

And because he is always eager for activity and he isn't expecting to ejaculate at the end, she feels that she is pleasing him whenever she gets him aroused (so this isn't the kink of tease and denial).

For most Devotee couples the fact that he only ejaculates when with her and when she decides becomes a powerful bond between them which is an important part of their relationship.

If his energy was so calm that most of the time he had no urge to ejaculate (as happens with Tao and Tantra) then I don't think this bond would form. That he is hers and she has control within Devotional Sex is powered by him having enough energy for both to feel that without him being her Knight he would ejaculate.

For him to experience Exaltation just after sexual activity ends his mind and body need to have built up high energy and to feel at least some physical urge to ejaculate. (If his energy isn't that high then when sexual activity ends he just goes straight to Adoration.)

Affirmation also becomes fun when he is in the zone. This is enjoyed by him as it enables him to do something with his energy and celebrate his desire for her. And this is easy for her to enjoy because he isn't expecting that this will lead to full sexual activity or his Climax.

When a couple agree to do a Beginner or Intermediate Spell this sets when he gets to ejaculate. The last Session of these Spells has a different feel because both know that he gets to Climax.

But he still feels in her hands during this last Session because he doesn't know exactly when or how she will have him Climax.


Before the Zone at the very start of a Season
When a Season starts immediately after he has ejaculated his energy will be low. Though he is her Knight he isn't yet in the zone because he hasn't built up enough erotic energy to be eager to do her wishes.

Sometimes his Princess will enjoy having a rest from having an energized Knight. So, for example, she might have him Climax on Saturday morning because she wants to have a break from his energy during that day.

In this case it works best for her Knight to recognize what she wants and to keep his energy low until she decides to fire him up.

When his Princess wants him energized at the start of a Season all she needs to do is get him aroused and Eager, and when this first Session of the Season ends without him ejaculating he will once again be in the Zone.


When he isn't energized
When he is in the zone his erotic energy powers the dynamic.

If his energy is low either because he hasn't yet built it up at the beginning of a Season or because he has gone such a long time without Climaxing and has fully calmed his energy (as is done with Tantra or Ta0) then things that are enjoyed by both when he is in the zone will no longer work.

For example if she says "Pleasure" in bed then he will only move down to give her oral sex because he has committed to be her Knight. It may feel like a chore. And Affirmation will just feel silly to him when he doesn't have enough energy to be feeling the dynamic.

Thus the length of a Season, that is how long he goes before he ejaculates, should be long enough for most of his time to be within the zone, but not so long that he gets so used to not Climaxing that his mind and body no longer feel the energy which powers Devotional Sex.

Taking all of this into account, the next page gives some guidance on how often a Knight should get to ejaculate.


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