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Last updated: 10 April 2008
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Devotional Sex is a new sexual technique and lifestyle. It is a combination of the practices of male orgasm without ejaculation (Taoist multi-orgasmic man), some Tantric sex, and a mild form of female erotic power. A Devotional Knight has a constant sexual energy which he directs to pleasing his Devotional Princess. Both enjoy increased intimacy, sensuality, and an enhanced sex life.

This page provides a short summary of each chapter of the Devotional Sex website.

As much explanation is missing, this overview may not make sense unless you have already read each chapter's Main page.
Therefore it is recommended that new readers to this site start here.

1: Introduction (More)

Devotional Sex is an new sexual technique and lifestyle for loving couples.

Those who practice Devotional Sex will gain pleasure from an enhanced sexual and sensual life, with sexual energy becoming a constant positive influence within the relationship. In an established relationship it will build and maintain a high level of intimacy and passion. It is also very fun and exciting to use when starting a new relationship.

Devotional Sex creates a distinctive dynamic, experience and lifestyle which is different from all other practices and techniques. It is so new that there are no other books or websites on Devotional Sex.

A female Devotee is a Princess. Her main benefits are a better relationship with increased intimacy, a much better sex life, and enjoying sensual experiences with her Knight. But being a Princess does require effort and commitment.

A male Devotee is a Knight. His main benefits are a significantly more intense and better sex life with much more sexual activity, a constant energizing sexual feeling throughout the day, and a better relationship. All these joys also come at a price, but one that every Knight is willing to pay.

The three pillars on which Devotional Sex is built are the Taoist multi-orgasmic man technique, Tantric practices, and giving the female power over all sexual and sensual activities. All three combined produce a strong and stable balance of sexual and relationship forces such that the Princess is always wanting to be a Princess, and the Knight is always wanting to be a Knight.

The (optional) public symbol of a Devotee is a gold ring with a red garnet stone which is worn on the little finger of the left hand.

2: Vanilla Sex (More)

Vanilla Sex is sexual activity which does not involve any advanced technique. Vanilla sex is 'normal' sex.

This chapter looks at the base level of  'normal' sexual activity, in order to be able to compare and contrast it with Devotional Sex.

3: Devotional Tao (More)

A Devotional Knight does not ejaculate during most sexual encounters. This brings a significantly increased intensity and pleasure to all sexual activity.
The Knight also learns to orgasm without ejaculating, and as this maintains his sexual energy, he is able to orgasm again and again.

With real Tao, the man uses the Taoist techniques to calm his sexual energy. When he has sex, this is done for long enough for him to feel satisfied. And the man decides when he will ejaculate.

With Devotional Sex, the Knight deliberately does not perfect these calming techniques, so that he always has enough sexual energy to be wanting of his Princess.

A Knight does need to use the calming techniques to ensure that his energy is not uncomfortably high during normal daily activities, and so that when he is spending ordinary time with his Princess he is not pestering her for sexual activity.

One of the main challenges in learning Devotional Sex if for the Knight to get the balance right, and for the Princess to learn to stay relaxed and correctly handle her Knight if his energy gets too high at an unwanted time.

4: Devotional Tantra (More)

Real Tantric Sex
is using the Tantric techniques to reach a higher state from very long, slow intercourse.

Devotional Tantric Sex is not full Tantra (which can take years to master). It is longer, slower, more sensual sex, which follows on naturally from the Knight not ejaculating. Devotional Tantric Sex includes touching and oral sex done in the same slow and sensitive style.

Most Devotee couples will be happy to just enjoy the more sensual sex arising from Devotional Sex. If a couple want to explore real Tantric Sex, this can be done within Devotional Sex.

Occasionally a Devotee couple may choose to enjoy short, fast, 'rough' sex, but this type of sex will be seen as ‘fast food’.

5: Princess Power (More)

As the Knight is always wanting sexual activity, the Princess is given the power to control when and how sex takes place.

Princess power is a very mild version of the Mistress of the BDSM world. In BDSM the Mistress is dominant and always in control. Her slave is sexually submissive, and enjoys being controlled.

With Devotional Sex, the Princess does not need to be dominant, just quietly in control when she feels this is needed. When she uses her power it is done like a real Princess - quietly knowing her wishes will happen.

Princess is not required to take control over all sexual activity (though she can if she wants). Instead it can be the Knight who 'suggests' most of what happens. When she wants she can just follow his lead, but anytime she says 'no', or makes a 'suggestion', her Knight will oblige.

To maintain her power, a Princess controls when her Knight ejaculates. This also enables her to manage his sexual energy. When she wants her Knight to be very keen and have high energy, she makes him go longer than usual without climax. When she wants him less keen and to not have high energy, she has him climax earlier than usual. 

She also uses her power to enjoy sensual activities, to have days when no sexual activity takes place, and to end sexual activities when she has had enough.

For Devotional Sex to work, the Knight does not need to be submissive, just willing to obey his Princess so that he can enjoy the significant sexual benefits of being a Knight.

If the Knight does enjoy his Princess having power over him (ie he enjoys sexual submission), this can be exploited in the couples Devotional Sex dynamic, and activities which would not work for a non-submissive Knight can be enjoyed.

Every Devotional couple will have their own unique power dynamic, and this flexibility enables many to become Devotees.

Part of being a Princess is ensuring that her Knight is gaining enough satisfaction from being her Knight that he always wants to continue the role. So a Princess will give as well as take. Her role will make her feel special, but for many it will feel much more like a new type of equality than being in charge.

6: Devotional Sex (More)

Devotional Sex is the fully consensual sexual and sensual lifestyle enjoyed by a Devotional Princess and her Devotional Knight, where

A Devotional Princess is a woman who:
  1. confidently uses her Princess powers to take pleasure in life as a Princess,

  2. ensures her Knight enjoys being her Knight to such an extent that he is always wanting to remain her Knight,

  3. always accepts and appreciates her Knight’s arousal,

  4. controls when her Knight will Climax, and does not allow him to Climax during most sexual encounters, and

  5. never uses her Princess power to get `revenge´ for other relationship issues.
A Devotional Knight is a man who:
  1. always lovingly obeys his Princess’s commands in all aspects of their sexual and sensual life (within his agreed limits),

  2. only Climaxes (ejaculates) when allowed by his Princess,

  3. enjoys Cresting (orgasms without ejaculation),

  4. takes responsibility for keeping his sexual energy under control, and

  5. openly communicates with his Princess on all aspects of their Devotional relationship.
Though all Devotional Sex activities are fully consensual, the Knight may have negotiated his consent at an earlier time.

The Knight always wanting to be a Knight does not mean that he likes every moment and every activity.
If it pleases the Princess, she can include some things that the Knight does not like. The Knight must accept or reject the whole package of their Devotional Sex lifestyle as defined by his Princess. Open communication, including detailed discussion about what each likes and does not and why, is important input to the Princess creating their lifestyle. Always wanting to be a Knight means that even when doing something he does not like, the Knight is still certain that he enjoys the complete package much more than not being a Knight.

If you do ALL of the above, then you are living Devotional Sex - no other enhancements are necessary.

If you do most (but not all) of the above,  please do not call what you do Devotional Sex.

7: Tantric Devotion: a Spiritual View (More)

Devotional Sex can be spiritually enhanced by using it to celebrate the Tantric feminine forces of the universe.

8: Getting Started (More)

How to start a Devotional Relationship, either for an established couple, or when meeting a new lover.

9: Living Devotional Sex (More)

A Devotional lifestyle is only possible if the Princess is always wanting to be a Princess, and the Knight is always wanting to be a Knight.

Devotional activities include Supreme Bliss, Bliss, Blissettes, Devotional Cuddle, Teasing, and Sensual.

There are many things a couple can do to enhance their Devotional relationship. The summit is your own personal peak of happiness, not taking Devotional Sex as far as it can go.

Challenges and tests can add to the intensity and the pleasure (this depends on the couple).

Commands are useful short hand for the Princess to take control. Some are special (eg Ritual).

10: Problems and Difficulties (More)

This chapter discusses problems and challenges you might encounter in learning Devotional Sex, and in living the lifestyle.

11: Rituals and Ceremonies (More)

Rituals and ceremonies can add depth to a Devotional relationship.

Rituals are things that are done on a regular basis.

A ceremony is a set of actions done by following the rules of that ceremony. Each ceremony is designed to enhance a specific feeling or aspect of Devotional Sex. They can be very powerful due to their exaggerated nature. Some ceremonies are ideal for a new couple to first explore early intimacy in a very fun, sexy and powerful way.

Most ceremonies are just for the couple. Shared ceremonies involve other people. Some shared ceremonies might only be suitable for those who follow Tantric Devotion.

12: Other People (More)

This chapter first discusses if, and how, to mention your Devotional Sex lifestyle to other people. It then shows how your Devotional relationship can be acknowledged when with select friends.

For more adventurous Devotee couples, it shows how Devotional Sex can be used to share from mild to full-on sexual activities with other people.

13: Enhancements (More)

This chapter describes how a Devotional couple can enhance their sexual play using toys and techniques such as blind folds, mild bondage, butt plugs, different types of clothing, using chance to determine what will happen, and more.

14: BDSM and Devotional Sex (More)

This chapter first gives an overview of BDSM style female dominance. It then shows how and why Devotional Sex is usually very different.

For those interested in much stronger female control and Devotional Sex, they can be practiced together (though the power dynamic, and possibly activities, will be very different from most Devotee couples).

Devotee couples interested in other BDSM practices can include these activities as part of their lifestyle.

15: Real Life Experiences and Stories (More)

Real life stories and experiences from people who have practiced Devotional Sex, and some stories used to illustrate different aspects of Devotional Sex.

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