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Last updated: 10 March 2014
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About this photo blog
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This photo blog is a copy of my blog on Tumblr.

To see the very latest entires you can visit the original Tumblr at: 

As my Tumblr says:

This blog is a collection of photos (reblogged from other Tumblrs) which I have interpreted as showing Devotional Sex in action.

The Devotional Sex interpretation is that the woman is always in control, and is thus having fun with her Knight, being pleasured by him and / or pleasuring him.

Of course what was really happening when the photo was taken might be very different.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and that perhaps it inspires you to try Devotional Sex.
It may take until the end of 2014 to publish all of the Tumblr here. At the time of writing pages 55 to 186 are not yet up.

This version of my photo blog is in the opposite order from Tumblr. Here the oldest post is on page 1, and new pages are added as I add more posts.

To the first page of the photo blog

I've created a page which enables you to jump directly to any page, and as your browser records which pages you have visited, this page enables you to go directly to the page after your last viewed page.

To direct link to each page

The Tumblr has one new posts every 8 hours. This version will be updated one page at a timee, which will be once every 4 or 5 days.
Please remember that this Photo Blog is a historical document.

If you start from the beginning of this blog you will see how the blog developed from its unsure start on 16 November, 2011 until now.

They way I explain Devotional Sex has changed slightly since the blog started, and as you read the blog you might notice when I start to say things slightly differently.

You can jump to any page on this photo blog by changing the URL to the page number you wish to go to.

So to jump to page 20 the URL is

You can also create a link so that the photo you choose appears at the top of the browser. To do this add '#'' followed by the number of that photo to the end of the URL.

So to link directly to the 5th photo on page 20 the URL is

Fantasy cf Reality

The definition of Devotional Sex given in About Devotional Sex shows that most activities are not part of the definition.

Devotional Sex is fully consensual because something will only happen if a Princess ask for it to happen, and she can only ask her Knight to do things that he is willing to do. (In practice almost everything a Princess asks her Knight to do he is eager to do.)

For example, if she dislikes receiving oral sex, or he strongly dislikes giving it, then a couple will practice Devotional Sex without this activity.

So if you see a photo of a kinky activity, group activity, outdoor activity, etc that is not to your taste, please quickly move on.
In compiling this collection of photos I could only choose from the photos that others have published on Tumblr.

The vast majority of Tumblr photos are of young, slim, white people, and thus most photos on this blog are of the same demographic.

71% of my Tumblr readers who answered my Reader Survey are 40 or older, and this is one way that the photos are not representative of those interested in Devotional Sex.
Most porn actors have bigger erections than the average man, and most amateurs who post in the public domain only do so because they think their size isn't too bad compared to the professionals.

So, unfortunately, this photo blog presents a very distorted picture of the size of the normal male erection.

Why I have duplicated my Tumblr

There are two main reasons why I have gone to the considerably effort (this is a manual copy and past) to duplicate my Tumblr:

Indexing by Google

In early 2013 Tumblr have set the robots.txt file for all adult Tumblrs so that Google and other search engines could not  index the Tumblr. As almost 40% of the visitors to my Tumblr come via a search engine, not being indexed led to significantly fewer visitors.

So one reason I started to duplicate my tumblr was so that Google would be able to index this version and thus I would still get new readers.

On July 22, 2013, Tumblr reverted back to allowing search engines to index my Tumblr. I would not be surprised if Tumblr blocks indexing again in the future, so the copy of my Tumblr is still needed to ensure that my Tumblr is indexed on Google and other search engines.

The search features within Tumblr are very poor, so another key benefit of having a Tumblr indexed by Google is that you and I can use Google to search for posts within the Tumblr.

Not only can Google search for some text within my Tumblr, but Google Image Search can be used to find out whether or not a photo I'm considering posting to the Tumblr has already appeared in the Tumblr.

This copy of my Tumblr will be indexed by Google, and thus I retain all the benefits from doing so.

In fact the indexing will be better for this version because Google often gives a link to a page of the Tumblr blog (rather than to the page which has just the one entry of interest). This is not very useful because a photo said to be on page 45 is likely to now be on page 57 or 272.

Tumblr might one day kill my account

Tumblr already have a reputation for killing an account for no reason. When this happens everything is lost (unless you have made a back-up). So it is possible that my Tumblr may be killed one day for no specified reason.

The change to making adult Tumblrs invisible to search engines also indicates that Tumblr are less keen on adult content being on their platform, and I fear that one day they might decide to exit this market and kill ALL adult tumblrs.
I started my Devotional Sex Photo Blog on Tumblr on 16 November, 2011, and since then I've spent on average about 25 minutes every day seraching for suitable photos and about 25 minutes per day writing captions. So, at least to me, my Tumblr is very valuable interlectual property.

This copy of my Tumblr will ensure that I don't loose it (and that you can continue to view it).
This copy of my Tumblr does not include any record of which Tumblr I reblogged each photo from nor which Tumbr originally posted the photo.

One reason for not including these links is that it would double the time it would take me to copy the Tumblr.

But the main reason for not including links to the other adult Tumblrs is that if Tumblr deletes all the adult blogs then the links will become dead.

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