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References and Reviews

Real Women Don't Do Housework
Lady Misato's site presenting the benefits of FemDom, and how a woman can go about getting her husband to submit.
You can read and download
Real Women Don't Do Housework for free at
and there is a blog about this book at

This book presents female control in it's usual strong form which I feel is fairly extreme.

Not only is the couple's sex life fully controlled by the woman, but everything else in the marriage is under female control. So this is a book about a Female Led Marriage (called here Female Head of Household).

I need to look at this book and the blog again one day, and will write a review of this book then.

From memory, this is a book which assumes that every woman can, and wants, to be in charge. It also assumes that every man will accept his new role.

My personal experience is that most women do not want to this role even if it is offered to them. But those who are attracted by this lifestyle will probably find much of value in this book.

Two different meanings of the word `Knight´

I first discovered Lady Misato's site several years after I had decided to use the term Knight in Devotional Sex.

In the BDSM world many different terms are used for a submissive man, so I never thought that I was the first person to use the word Knight. Even so, I was disappointed to find that Lady Misato is also using the term Knight. She even has a picture of a Queen holding a sword as she knight's her Knight.

She says that she prefers the Queen / knight metaphor over the Mistress / slave terms which are commonly used in the BDSM world because slavery is an involuntary institution.

The mantra of BDSM is safe, sane, and consensual, and so everyone within BDSM fully understands that a BDSM slave is consenting to `play´ his role. But of course Lady Misato can use any term she wishes.

The the Knight of Lady Misato's site is just another name for the traditional male slave of the FemDom world. This is very different from a Devotional Sex Knight.

Though we both use the term Knight we mean very different things.


You can discuss this book and blog here on my forum.


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