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Last updated: 17 October 2010
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She Makes The Rules
She Makes The Rules is a website owned and run by women and is "designed for women who are interested in learning how to embrace their inner bossiness, and for the men who accept us for who we are and support us in this process." 
She Makes The Rules is at

She Makes The Rules is about Female-Led Relationships (FLR), which is when the female is the leader and ultimate authority in all aspects of the relationship. (The differences and similarities between a FLR and Devotional Sex is presented here.)

The main page of She Makes The Rules has an excellent summary of what the site is all about. It says that "what female-led stands for is that we're bossy chicks (at least some of the time) and acknowledge it."

She Make The Rules is all about "real life daily living" and it is not a site for unrealistic fantasies.

She Make The Rules is an excellent resource for women who live or want to live a FLR, or who have a partner who wants to live this way.

It is also very useful for men who live in a FLR or who would like their relationship to become a FLR.

An excellent forum / discussion area

Thanks to strict moderation, She Makes The Rules hosts an excellent forum on female-led relationships.

The main part of She Makes The Rules is a forum / discussion area.

As the forum is moderated by "bossy women", any off-topic or inappropriate posts are quickly dealt with. This is the strength of this forum as it ensures that it remains focused and is always female friendly.

The moderation also ensures that topics are only posted in the appropriate area. For example, you can only post about kinky activities in the On the kinkier side of life sub-forum. This enables those who want to avoid reading about kinky activities to never see the posts on this subject.

She Make The Rules forum includes a female only section and a male only section. This is an excellent idea as some discussions work much better if the other sex does not take part.

Devotional Sex can be discussed in the She Makes The Rules forum, but only as long as the Devotional Sex is practiced within a female-led relationship.

One male contributer to She Make The Rules described Devotional Sex as a way of a man getting the sexual benefits of a FLR but without having to do all the housework.

Naturally enough women who want control over all aspects of the relationship don't want their discussions of FLR moved off-topic to discuss a lifestyle where the woman only has power over sex and sensuality. So I respect their guideline to only talk about Devotional Sex if it is within a full FLR.

Note that most people who live in a FLR do not practice Devotional Sex, so is still the best place to learn about and discuss Devotional Sex.

Ordinary Devotional Sex only gives the Princess power over sensual and sexual aspects. Expanding Princess Power so that it covers all aspects of the relationship is an enhancement to Devotional Sex which is presented in Chapter 13 here.

As living a full FLR is only an enhancement to Devotional Sex, this topic is not dealt with in any depth on this site.

She Make The Rules is a very valuable and useful resource for anyone who practices Devotional Sex and who also lives, or wants to live, in a full FLR.

She Makes The Rules is free to access, but (like this site) they ask for donations to keep their site running.

She Makes The Rules is at

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