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If there is a page you would like me to write soon, please post on the forum here.

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If you live or sometimes do Devotional Sex please
fill out my surveys.

7 August: Living Devotional Sex: I've written a detailed report on the replies to my Oral Sex survey for those living Devotional Sex.

4 January: Chapter 1 - Surveys asking about Devotional Sex: To find out how Devotional Sex is practiced I've created several surveys. If you LIVE or SOMETIMES DO Devotional Sex it would be great if you fill these out.

2 January - Quickly posting anonymous feedback or questions -
For those who don't want to join the forum but wish to quickly provide anonymous comments, questions, gripes or praise about Devotional Sex I've created this survey at PollMill.

1 January - Work on this website: My plan this year is to not only write new pages but to also polish the most read completed pages. So if you see something that can be polished please let me know here on the forum or via my PollMill survey (see the above entry).

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