Devotional Sex


Devotional Sex is a new sexual technique and lifestyle
for loving couples:

Those who practice Devotional Sex gain pleasure from an enhanced sexual and sensual life, with erotic energy becoming a constant positive dynamic within their relationship.

Devotional Sex builds and maintains passion and desire, enhances the pleasures of sexual activity,  significantly increases the amount of sexual activity, and most women enjoy many more orgasms.

But when asked which is the biggest benefit, the most popular answer - from both men and women - is the increased intimacy and connection and thus a better relationship.


I found reading this site "quite intoxicating."   (Feedback from a female reader)

Devotional Sex creates a unique dynamic, experience and lifestyle which makes it different from all other practices and techniques. Of course there are some similarities with other techniques, but Devotional Sex also has key differences between these other practices.

For those already enjoying a great sex life Devotional Sex can make it even better.

For those in a long-term relationship which has become a bit dull or routine and is perhaps lacking passion and intimacy, Devotional Sex will will build and maintain new energy and excitement whilst also enabling you to enjoy greater intimacy and connection than ever before.

"Devotional Sex is great fun for both, and helps build intimacy and love,
while renewing both his and especially her passion and desire.
We are now living a long second honeymoon better than the first. What fun!"
(Comment made in a Survey)


Devotional Sex also enables couples with some sexual problems to either overcome the problems or to enjoy a wonderful sex life despite the problems.

"If anyone is using Viagra you can throw it away and try Devotional Sex instead
because you will be horny like never before."
   (Feedback from Steve)


The greatest benefits arise when a couple both commit to live Devotional Sex ie always practice it. For most couples the dynamic forms a very powerful bond between them that becomes an important part of their relationship.

"I didn't realize I was searching for something to explain
to myself and my love what I wanted till I found your site.
 So empowering - so rewarding!"
   (Feedback from New Zealand)


For beginners, and those who don't want to go as far as living Devotional Sex, short spells of Devotional Sex enable some higher energy exploration and fun. You might decide to enjoy a spell often or it might be just every once in a while.

And many chose to practice Devotional Sex for longer spells of time - a few days or even a few weeks - and then go back to 'normal'.

Devotional Sex is also great to use when dating. It enables the new sexual relationship to become a slow exploration of mutual pleasures - erotic activities can be enjoyed earlier than usual whilst first intercourse usually happens much later than usual. This builds trust and intimacy. It is also very exciting and lots of fun.

And for those who are not in a relationship or dating, Devotional Sex can be used to enjoy sharing some intimacy, sensuality, and erotic fun with a friend without ever going `all the way´.

Devotional Sex is "intimacy in pure form."   (Feedback from a male reader)

Modern society encourages us to spend our time either making or spending money. No-one makes money while you are spending time enjoying and enhancing your intimate life. This is one reason why life-enhancing techniques such as Devotional Sex do not get much publicity.

Note that I don't make money from your reading this website as all of this website can be viewed for free and, even better, there is no advertising. (I do welcome donations though to help cover costs.)

Devotional Sex was developed by the author of this site during a ten-year relationship. After this relationship ended I enjoyed using Devotional Sex in all my dating and continued practicing Devotional Sex whenever my dating led to a short or long-term relationship.
This site benefits from my almost two decades of my practical experience of living Devotional Sex and from many women, including all my partners, who have shared their thoughts and experiences of Devotional Sex with me.

The writing "eloquently captures the warmth and intimacy (not to mention fun) of devotion."   (Feedback from a female reader)

Devotional Sex is attracting interest all around the world - this website has been viewed in over 19,000 cities and towns within 210 countries / territories. But Devotional Sex is still so new that most people have not yet heard of it, so you are an early explorer.

Adventurous couples will find this site to be full of new ideas. Some ideas will resonate with a strong “That might be fun!” Devotional Sex provides a great basis for some exciting experimentation!

No-one will like every idea. As everything within Devotional Sex is fully consensual all you need to do is withhold your consent and that idea will never happen.

So please ignore the ideas you don't like (your trash might be someone else's treasure) and I hope you find some treasure.

Readers not interested in trying Devotional Sex may also find some treasure within this website - so before you leave this website it may be worth going on a treasure hunt.

Learning and practicing Devotional Sex not only takes some time but it also needs your commitment - it only works when both you and your partner commit to carrying out your role.

Devotional Sex also requires lots of open and honest two-way communication. In fact one of the benefits of exploring Devotional Sex with your partner is the improved communication. So even if you stop exploring Devotional Sex and go  back to 'normal' sex, the better communication is likely to lead to better 'normal' sex.

What is Devotional Sex?

You can chose the best way for you to first read about Devotional Sex from the following:

Opening Story:
This story presents a day in the life of a couple who practice Devotional Sex:

The alarm rings. Susan and Sam are woken up for a normal working day.

Since starting to practice Devotional Sex they have been setting the alarm ten minutes early to give themselves a short amount of `couple time´ each weekday morning before getting out of bed.

Still half asleep they roll towards each other and start to cuddle ...

One Page Summary:
The One Page Summary provides a short overview which includes the definition.

  Longer Overviews:
As the roles, rewards, and responsibilities within Devotional Sex are very different for men and women, I've written two overviews - one for her and one for him.

These longer overviews include everything in the One Page Summary plus an explanation of why it works for you and what you can do to make it work best for you and your partner.

Overview of Devotional Sex for HER (6 pages)

Overview of Devotional Sex for HIM (coming soon)

Natural Female Desire:
What would female desire be like if the constraints of normal sexual behavior were removed?

Devotional Sex is like a scientific experiment which removes the constraints to find out, and my surveys of couples who practice Devotional Sex provide the data.

The results are surprising - and new to science!

I hope you enjoy reading this website,
and that this leads you to experience for yourself
this new world of intimacy, passion and pleasure.

If you do enjoy the website, and especially if you start to explore Devotional Sex with your partner, the one thing I would love you to do to compensate me for my effort is to fill out the anonymous 'Your Progress with Devotional Sex' Survey.

The first step is just reading about Devotional Sex. So if you keep reading you can let me know via the survey.

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