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The Language of Devotional Sex

The Zone

How Often Does A Knight Ejaculate?  (+1)
Activities of Devtional Sex:
      Devotional Cuddle           Pleasure Cuddle
      Affirmation                       Goddess                           Homage
      Foot Massage                  Back / Body Massage
      Devotional Trousers        Enchanting Him

Types of Session:
       Affection                              Snuggle       
      Blissette          Bliss            Supreme Bliss                Delight
      Pleasure Cherishing           Desire Cherishing
      Devotional Appetizer          Devotional Energizer
      Social Activities                  Focussed Sex  

List of Wish Words (+46)

Results of the What Happens in Bed? Survey
    The Huge Variation in what happens (+1)

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