Devotional Sex

The Knight

This section looks at aspects of Devotional Sex that most effect the Knight.

Though it is mainly about him, this section contains lots of information useful to his Princess.


His Erotic Energy States

A Knight has lots of different ways of  feeling and handling his erotic energy.

Some of these energy states are the 'normal' response to a situation. Devotional Sex also has some new energy states which are part of what makes Devotional Sex unique.

Part of being a Knight is him deliberately moving between energy states so that his state is the right one for the current situation. Also his Princess can move him from one state to another to suit her wishes.


The Zone

There is a zone of a man's erotic energy and behavior within which Devotional Sex all comes together. This page looks at what is necessary for him to be in the zone and how Devotional Sex then follows.


How often does a Knight ejaculate?

This page gives my recommendations for how often a Knight, on average, ejaculates - all dependent on his age and how experienced a Knight he is.


Circulating his Erotic Energy

Learning to circulate his energy is an optional part of Devotional Sex. But as it has many benefits it is highly recommended.

This technique enables him to manage his erotic energy so that he can regain control if he is about to ejaculate accidentally; not feel any frustration when sexual activity ends without him ejaculating; and to calm his energy during normal life so that it becomes a pleasant background energy without which life feels a bit flat.


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