Devotional Sex

The Princess

This section looks at aspects of Devotional Sex that most effect the Princess.

Though it is mainly about her, this section contains lots of information useful to her Knight.

The six
page Overview of Devotional Sex for HER (in the Introduction) is the best place for new female readers to start.


Wish Words

A Wish Word is a special word that makes it clear to him what she would like to happen - and her wish is his command.

This page explains why Wish Words work very well within Devotional Sex and how these words are used. The 46 Wish Words are then listed and each has its own page of explanation.



A Preference is something she wants to always happen - which he thinks of as a rule to always be followed.

Though usually few in number, the Preferences that are in place can have a big impact to how the couple enjoy their Devotional Sex.


Him initiating vs Her control

There are three ways he can initiate activity: just having an erection is proving he is keen for activity; he can suggest or request an activity; or he can physically initiate an activity.

Him physically initiating an activity is likely to work well for affection outside of the bedroom. But Devotional Sex is likely to work best if she sets a Preference that he never physically initiates a sexual activity. This page explains why.

Her Managing His Ejaculations

When doing a Stretch or Living Devotional Sex the Knight gives his Princess control over when he gets to ejaculate.

These two pages recommend that her starting point is that she has him last his preferred average time, and then examine all the reasons why she may wish to vary from his preference.


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