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About Preferences

A Preference is something she wants to always happen -
which he thinks of as a rule to always be followed.

Because Preferences always happen without her saying anything she has to let him know she wants an exception.

She can only set a Preference if this is something her Knight is willing to do, and though she may set a Preference which is very challenging for her Knight she must still ensure that her Knight is equally happy with their overall Devotional Sex life.

Though usually few in number, the Preferences that are in place can have a big impact to how the couple enjoy their Devotional Sex.


It must be something that SHE wants to always happen

A Princess should only set a Preference when SHE likes the idea of it always happening or she thinks it would be fun to experiment and see how it feels.

A man with high erotic energy can think up lots of mild to wild ideas which he would like his Princess to 'make him' always do. She can listen to all his suggestions (or have him write them all down so she can read his list at her leisure) and of course it is fine for her to implement anything she thinks would be fun.

But if she agrees to set a Preference mainly because her Knight is keen for it then this is taking away her control and it won't make her feel like his Princess.

For example, she can set a Preference that Affirmation always happens at a particular time. This works wonderfully when she is the one who wants to set this Preference. Him then always fulfilling this enhances her feeling that she is his Princess.

But if HE wants Affirmation to be compulsory and she sets the Preference mainly to please him, then not only will there be times when he is naked and she would prefer him to be dressed, but this takes away her power to decide whether or not he will be Affirmed each evening, and she misses out on the fun of saying "Reveal" and watching her Knight fulfill her wish.

So one use of her control is to set those Preferences
which she wants to happen.

But equally important is her power to REJECT many or most
of her Knight's suggested Preferences.

For a Knight it can feel that she has forgotten that she has the power to set a Preference as each time he suggests something she says no or ignores him. Then one day she says "I want to set a new Preference. From now on I would like you ...."

Though this may be something full-on it's more likely to be some minor thing like how he dresses or how something is done. But at least her setting this new Preferences proves that she has not forgotten her power to set a Preference.


Preferences by default

A Knight may start always doing something because he feels that is the right way to behave as her Knight.

If she notices this and doesn't like it she should tell her Knight to not do this or to not always do it.

But it can go the other way, in that one day her Knight doesn't do it, she doesn't like the change, and so she decides to set this as an official Preference.

For example, with Princess Ada I used to always fully undress before getting in or onto the bed. I kept doing this because I thought it was Knightly and she never asked me not to.

Then one day she wanted an afternoon nap and lay down on the bed still fully clothed. I asked if she would like a cuddle before her nap, and she replied "just a very quick one". It didn't seem worth taking all my clothes off for just a minute so I started to lie down beside her with my clothes still on.

This surprised her and she said "Hey, what are you doing on the bed with your clothes on?"

So my unofficial rule to myself had just become an official Preference.


Fun to experiment

It is easy for a Princess to experiment with setting Preferences because she can amend or end a Preference just as easily as she can start one.

Some Preferences may take time for him, or her, or both to get used to. So part of experimenting can be trying something for long enough for it to start to feel like a new normal.

As well as setting Preferences that remain in place and become the couple's new normal, she can have fun setting some more challenging for fun Preferences which will only be in place for a weekend, week, or month.


List of Preferences

This is a list of possible preferences.

List of Preferences


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