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About the Wish Words

This page explains why Wish Words work very well within Devotional Sex and how they are used.

The next page is a List of Wish Words  (with links to pages which say more about each word).

A Wish Word is a special word
that makes it clear to him what she would like to happen
- and her wish is his command.

Using a Wish Word has things flow the way she wishes without her acting or feeling dominant. And as she only says one or two words, which can be said gently, she may feel that her wishes almost magically just happen.

Of course she can instead spell out what she wants to happen (eg "Please take off all your clothes"). But her saying just the Wish Word (ie just saying "Reveal") stands out from ordinary conversation and thus he immediately knows that what she has said is part of Devotional Sex and what she wishes him to do.

As her using a Wish Word is such a clear and concise indication of what she wants to happen, a Knight should usually immidiately do as she wishs without any negotiation. Him immediately doing her wish adds to the power of the Wish Word enhancing her feeling that her control is very real.

Her ending an activity
Him giving her control as part of Devotional Sex is just as much about her being able to end an activity when she wishes as it is her being able to start an activity. Thus the Wish Word "Fini" can be used as a clear and easy way for a Princess to end any activity.

You can use any term you wish
The term I selected for each Wish Word was chosen because each is a good match to the action without sounding like a brutal command - hence 'Reveal' rather than say 'Strip'.

Devotee couples are free to use a different term for any Wish Word if they don't like what I have suggested.

No-one will use (or remember) all these words
There are 46 Wish Words. But don't be put off by the long list - couples will only use (and remember) those terms which suit the way they do Devotional Sex.

So start of by picking the few that you think will be most useful to you.

As well as being a list of Wish Words a Princess can use to have him do things that he already does for her, the list is also a list of suggestions of things that a Princess might like to try having her Knight do.

So, every once -in-a-while, revisit the list of Wish Words and see if there are any other words that you can add to your repertoire.


I strongly recommend that Devotees
at least give Wish Words a try

At first the idea of using Wish Words may feel strange or silly. Perhaps she also thinks that it will make her feel or look too dominant. But, especially in bed, using Wish Words enables activities to flow in smooth way which soon feels very natural.

For example, if a couple are having a cuddle and she wishes to receive a Pleasure Kiss, instead of saying what she wants she could push his head down. When she does this his body will initially resist the push until his mind works out what she wants. So pushing his head down disrupts the mood and has a feel of her physically dominating him.

But her saying "Pleasure" tells his mind her wish and his body can quickly respond in an almost magical way. As her Knight will usually be eager to give her the Pleasure Kiss, her using the Wish Word can even have the feel that she is also pleasing him by allowing him to do it - it is a mutual pleasure.

So even if you you don't think they will work for you, I urge you both to try using a few key Wish Words in bed for a week or two so that you can get used to using them.

Hopefully you will discover how well using these Wish Words works within the intimate dynamic of Devotional Sex and you will want to keep using them.

But if you still don't like using them then at least you now know they don't work for you and you can go back to what you did before.


Him using a Wish Word to request or suggest an activity
A Knight can say any of the Wish Words as a question as a quick and easy way of suggesting or requesting an activity.

So him saying "Pleasure?" is asking if he can give her a Pleasure Kiss, and "Reveal?" is asking her if she would like him to be Affirmed.

She can either approve what he wants to do - she just replies with "yes" - or she can use the Wish Words "No" to not allow it that session or "Later" which allows him to suggest this again later that session.


The List of Wish Words

This is a list of the 46 Wish Words and each has its own page of explanation.

List of Wish Words


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