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List of Wish Words

See About the Wish Words for an explanation of why using these words works so well within Devotional Sex.

Note that
Couples will only use (and remember) those terms which suit them, so no-one is expected to remember all these terms!

Each Wish Word can be used anywhere, but they are grouped below according to their most likely place of use.

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            Mainly in the bedroom:
- He lies on his back (ie tummy up)
Breast - He holds her breast as they cuddle
be Calm - He calms his erotic energy
Caress - He pleasures her Pleasure with his hand
Cherish  - He gives her a long and gentle Pleasure Kiss
Crest  - For those Knights who can, he starts to have multiple-orgasms without ejaculating
Cuddle  - He starts to cuddle her
be Cuddled  - He rolls to face away from her so that she can cuddle him from behind
be Gentle  - His thrusting becomes as gentle as it can be for him to remain hard
Joy  - He is allowed to enter her to have Joy
Pleasure  - He gives her a Pleasure Kiss (or Pleasure Cuddle)
Ravish me  - Without her having to say anything else, he engages in a predefined list of activities
Release  - He ejaculates
be Small  - He cuddles her with his head on her chest
be Still  - He stops moving
Suckle  - He licks and sucks her nipples
Taste  - He wets his finger with the juices of her Pleasure and then licks his finger clean
Unveil  - He helps her to completely undress
Unwrap  - He takes her panties off
Wrap  - He helps her put her panties back on
In and out of the bedroom:
Edge  - He sets his energy so that he is just about to Climax
Energize  - He plays with himself to keep himself hard and energized
Float  - He gently plays with himself while meditating
Gaze  - From close up he gazes at her Pleasure
Kiss  - He kisses her
Massage  - He gives her a massage the way she likes it
Play  - He plays with himself until she asks him to stop
Mainly outside the bedroom:
Desire Me  - He gets erect without touching himself
Display  - He stands in front of her and gently plays with himself to get, and then maintain, an erection
Dress  - He gets dressed as she wishes
Foot Massage  - He prepares the room and himself then gives her a foot massage
Liberate  - He opens his trousers to liberate his Desire (and balls if he can)
Reveal  - He removes all of his clothing
Uncover  - He takes off his trousers and underpants so is naked from the waist down
Undress  - He removes all his clothing except he leaves his underpants on
be Chaste  - He refrains from playing with his Desire
Days?  - He tells her how many days it has been since his last Climax
Fini  - He stops the activity and withdraws
Later  - What he is suggesting doesn't happen now, but he can suggest it again later that session
More  - He does more of what he has just moved on from
No  - His suggestion doesn't happen and he cannot suggest it again that Session
Open the Door to ...  - He initiates comments with someone which may lead towards doing the stated Shared Activity
Prepare ...  - He prepares a room the way she likes it
be Quiet  - He stops talking about any Devotional Sex related topic
Suggest  - He makes THREE suggestions of what could happen next
Tell  - He starts to tell the other person(s) about their practice of Devotional Sex
Truth  - He must fully and truthfully answer the Devotional Sex related questions


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