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He plays with himself until she asks him to stop
This Wish Word can be used when in bed together, during Affirmation, or when he is wearing Devotional Trousers.

Play enables a Knight to control his own energy - perhaps reaching high energy or, especially if lasting a long time, more gentle play with more moderate energy.

If she wants him to reach and then maintain very high energy then she can say "Energize".

And if she wants him to do erotic meditation she can say "Float".

To stop him playing with himself and have him move his hands away she can say "Fini".

Part of the power and fun of Play is that the Knight doesn't know how long his Princess will want him to do this. He feels hers if she has him Play for longer than he expects, and of course the control he has given her feels very real if she has him stop playing when he would like to continue.

So even though he is using his own hands he feels very much in her hands.

A Princess saying "Play" when in bed together or during Affirmation is an easy way for her to keep her Knight happy with some sexual activity without her having to do anything. So even if nothing else happens that evening he will feel that his energy has been used.

The Play wish is much more powerful and fun if she has set a Preference that whenever he is with her he cannot play with himself without her approval. With this Preference set being allowed to play with himself is a reward.

When this Preference is set the Knight
just saying "Play?" is shorthand for "May I please play with myself Princess?"

A Princess can experiment with her Knight to see what happens when she has him play with himself for a long time.

For example, if enjoying Affirmation while watching TV she could have him play with himself the whole time. Some Knights may be able to stay erect for ages. Others may have times when they are not fully hard. But either way, he will be feeling very much her Knight the whole time.

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