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He stops the activity and withdraws:

This Wish Word is French for finished.

I chose this word as it is a word that won't be said by those who don't speak French at home, whenever she says this her wish will be clear, and it sounds like a nice way for a Princess to end any activity.

What happens when she says this depends on the activity that is the current focus.

For example, if the main activity is:

Note that it is only the main activity which is ended, and other things continue (unless she says otherwise).

For example, if he is Affirmed and sitting at her feet and giving her a foot massage, then "Fini" will end the foot massage but he will remain Affirmed.

So if she wishes him to get dressed as well she could say "Fini" (to end the foot massage) and then add "and get dressed now", or she could wait for him to stand up and then say "Fini" again to end the Affirmation.

A Princess can also say "Fini" when she is the one who takes action to end the activity (eg stops playing with him or stops giving him a Desire Kiss) just to let him know that she isn't going to do any more of that activity or any other activity.

Alternative Terms
As with all Wish Words, a couple can choose their own term.

Words that mean 'thank-you' in another language also work well - eg Danke, Gracias, Merci

Those who speak French at home may prefer to use a non-French term.


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