Devotional Sex

Wish Words


He stands in front of her and gently plays with himself
to get, and then maintain, an erection:
During the Display she may ask him to turn or move closer, and she may give him guidance on how to touch himself. She can have him Display just for long enough for him to get himself hard, or she can enjoy the eye-candy for ten minutes or longer.

Of course if she wishes she can touch him (or even give him a Desire Kiss), but for many couples their usual will be that she never or only rarely choses to touch him during Display.

As well as enjoying the eye-candy, this Wish Word can be used to remind him that he is hers.

Having him Display at the beginning of Affirmation ensures that he remembers that his nudity is about his desire for her. And part of the fun for her with Display during Affirmation may be watching him afterwards to see how long it takes for him to loose his erection.

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