Devotional Sex

Wish Words


He plays with himself to keep himself hard and energized:
There are two other Wish Words for him to touch himself:
So Energize is the Knight keeping his energy much higher than these other two.

He keeps playing with himself and maintains high energy until she asks him to stop ("Fini") or if she wishes him to keep playing with himself but in a more relaxed way she can say "Play".

With Devotional Sex a Knight learns the Tantric/Tao technique of controlling his energy and is able to build to high energy without feeling that he is just about to Climax.

When he has controlled high energy he isn't likely to Climax by accident. And if this ends without his Princess asking him to Climax then this can be done without feeling any frustration. In fact if he stays Energized for a long time then when it ends he can feel that he has had had enough sexual activity and he can feel calm and relaxed afterwards.

If a Princess wants her Knight to change mode so that he is very close to Climaxing then she can say "Edge". See that Wish Word for how Edging works within Devotional Sex.

Having her Knight Energize himself in bed is one way she can have him experience some sexual pleasure without her having to do anything.

If she wants to have him Climax without having to do any of the work then she can end this with the Wish "Release". If she sometimes has him Climax this way then he will feel a strong Devotional Dynamic whenever she has him playing with himself because he won't know how she will decide to end this.)

This Wish is also useful during Affirmation.

When doing Affirmation he knows it is very unlikely that he will get to Climax, but he doesn't know how long she will have him stay Energized.

Note that having him stay Energized has him concentrating on his energy and is pretty intense. If she wants him to play with himself to stay hard but also to be able to pay attention to other things (eg conversation or watching TV), then she should use Play.

Another fun time to use this Wish is when he is wearing Devotional Trousers. Again it is up to her whether she just wants him to Play with himself or to Energize himself.

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