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He ejaculates:
A Knight never Climaxes until his Princess wishes him to do this. As well as her deciding how he will do this, she decides exactly when, and she can tell him this by saying "Release".

I chose the word 'release' because it isn't a word likely to be used otherwise in bed, and when the Knight finally ejaculates after many days of building his energy this releases all his energy.

When doing a Spell which ends with his Climax both have agreed about when he will Climax (eg a Devotional Weekend will have him Climax at the end of Sunday evening). But even though he knows he will get to Climax he doesn't know exactly when his Princess will have this happen.

The word 'release' also works well for the end of a Spell because his ejaculating releases him from his commitment to be her Knight (until they both agree to do another Spell).

Part of the excitement of
Living as her Knight or doing a long Stretch is that he never knows if Joy, Desire Play, or when she has him play with himself, will end with her saying "Release" or "Fini".

With 'normal' sex a man who is very aroused can be on the edge where if he decided he could Climax instantly.

Devotional Sex has him learn the Tantric/Tao technique where he can be highly energized and not feel he is just about to loose control. If he is in this mode when his Princess says "Release" it may take him a minute or so for him to mentally change gears so that his body can then Climax.

If she wants him to Climax as soon as she says "Release" then she can have him Edge.

Alternative Terms
As with all Wish Words, a couple can choose their own term.

Alternatives include "Cum", "Climax", "Ejaculate", and "Gush".

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