Devotional Sex

Glossary of Spells

Doing Devotional Sex in the way
and for the time defined by that Spell,
then returning to Vanilla once the Spell is over.

The glossary below gives names to many of these options
so that I can say something about that type of Spell
and to enable you to quickly negotiate to do a Spell.

The shortest Spell is agreeing to do a Blissette in which case the Devotional Sex
lasts for less than ten minutes before returning to Vanilla,
and the longest Spell is agreeing to do a Stretch of Devotional Sex for a month or longer.

Rather than continuing to negotiate Spells,
some couples will decided to Live Devotional Sex.

The word Spell was chosen as it is a spell of time.
But when enjoying Devotional Sex during this spell of time
a Princess is certain to bewitch her eager Knight,
so the word Spell also has a touch of the other meaning.

There are many Spells -
each couple will only do (and remember) the few that suit them.

Note that the explanations for each Spell will get smaller
if a page gets written about that Spell.


Summary of Spells:

Length and details
Ending for

Enhancing Vanilla:

2 to 10 minutes of just one activity
No Climax
One Session outside of the bedroom
No Climax
One Session with a Devotional Cuddle (and maybe more)
No Climax
One Session which ends the way she decides
She decides at end
One Session which ends when she has him Climax Climax
All the time at the event, ending when they leave
No Climax


Until she has him Climax at the end of the evening
Until she has him Climax next morning
Until she has him Climax tomorrow evening
Until she has him Climax on Sunday evening Climax
Set Day
Until she has him Climax on the day set (eg Thursday)


Several to many days until she decides to have him Climax
Until she has him Climax on the pre-agreed end date
which may be a week, fortnight or month away
She may have him Climax during the Stretch
A year (or longer)
  with her deciding the length of each Season
Until either end it

Glossary with explanation:




A Session of Devotional Sex which includes a Devotional Cuddle and ends without him having a Climax:

This Spell uses his erotic energy to create intimacy and connection. Him suggesting or agreeing to this Spell proves that this intimacy and connection is more important to him than his ejaculation. So this is a very devotional Spell.

This Spell also makes clear to both that a Devotional Cuddle may be all that happens. So if she wishes she can relax and enjoy the erotic intimacy without feeling that more is expected. And if she feels like more she can enjoy whatever sexual activity she wishes - which may lead to her having an orgasm.

As he has agreed that this Session will end without him Climaxing, the Devotional Cuddle at the end of the Spell may be a powerful and meaningful time for both. If his energy is high he may reach Exaltation, and when his energy becomes more relaxed it will be Adoration.

I strongly recommend that she never changes her mind and has him Climax at the end because once this happens the Spell become tainted by thoughts that the Spell may end this way again.

For couples where the intimacy aspects of sex have broken down, having some Spells of Affection is likely to be an effective way to rediscover erotic intimacy. And couples who have a great sex life may find that doing this Spell every once-in-a-while adds variety as well as celebrating intimacy and connection.


Both are equally happy when doing Devotional Sex:

Balance in Devotional Sex means equality in happiness and satisfaction from doing Devotional Sex. So if one is extremely happy and the other only moderately happy then the Devotional Sex is unbalanced, and if possible things should change to increase the happiness of the less happy person.

The Princess not only decides what will happen and when, but when things will not happen. Things work best when she uses her control to make herself so happy that she wants to keep her Knight to ensure that he also wants to continue with Devotional Sex.

As the rewards and pleasures for each role are very likely to be different it isn't necessary to balance activities. Most experienced Knights love giving Pleasure Kisses, so if she has some activity happen mainly to keep him happy she can choose to allow him to lick her. Thus both can be equally happy even though Pleasure Kisses happen much more often than Desire Kisses.

A Knight is unlikely to ever get all the activity he desires. So her keeping him happy isn't giving him all that he wants but creating an exciting and satisfying dynamic where he gets enough activity to feel very or extremely happy.

For short Spells, such as a Blissette, the activity she decides will happen should vary enough for things to feel balanced over many of these Spells.

For Spells which are a long Session, such as Harmony, if this doesn't happen often then each Session should aim for balance, but if the couple do Harmony often then balance can be achieved over several Spells.

During Spells that last many days some Sessions may be mainly about making just one person happy and balance will be restored by what happens in other Sessions.


These Spells all include many Sessions and all have a set end-point:

The Beginner group of Spells all capture the Lifestyle aspect of Devotional Sex as each is likely to include several Sessions and both will be feeling the dynamic in between these Sessions.

After the first Session of the Spell he will feel enhanced erotic energy and thus greater desire for his Princess. He will also feels hers because he doesn't know when the next Session will be and what will happen during the rest of the Spell.

In between the Sessions she will enjoy feeling desired by him and knowing that he is eager to do anything she wishes.

As each of these Spells has an agreed end-point he knows how long he has to last before his Climax. Most importantly he also knows that any activity before that end-point will not include him Climaxing.

For her the fixed end-point is useful because it means that when she ends activity before the end-point without him Climaxing then she is not denying him - after all, him agreeing to do the Spell can be thought of as him agreeing to deny himself.

With his built up energy she also learns that any activity that makes use of his energy is enjoyed by her Knight. So getting him hard isn't cruelly teasing him but pleasing him.

So during these Spells it starts to become their Devotional Sex normal to have activity which ends without his Climax - not just normal in that is what they do, but normal in the sense that they don't even think that him Climaxing is a possibility.

If his energy is starting to become a burden (rather than fun) she can end the Spell early by having him Climax before the agreed end-point.


A short session of Devotional Sex with only one activity which ends without him having a Climax:

A Blissette Spell is when a couple are not doing Devotional Sex, one suggests a Blissette, the other agrees to this Spell, she then decides what activity will happen, they enjoy it for about 2 to 10 minutes, and once it is over they return back to Vanilla.

What makes this different from a quickie is that he doesn't know what activity will happen until after they have both agreed to do the Blissette and he doesn't get to Climax at the end.

If both want to enjoy a vanilla quickie then they don't do Devotional Sex. So for most couples a Blissette may be something that happens when she doesn't want to do a quickie but is happy to enjoy a Blissette. In this case his choice is between agreeing to do a Blissette or nothing happening.

A quickie is most often just quick intercourse or her sucking him off. A Blissette can be Joy or a Desire Kiss. But if she just wants to enjoy his arousal it may be just some Desire Play. And of course a Blissette creates equality because she can have the Blissette be that he gives her a Pleasure Kiss.

Though she may have an activity she chooses most often, I recommend that she includes other activities often enough for him to never know what she will decide.

If her chosen activity stimulates her then she may orgasm. But a Blissette can be just a warm-up for her as well and she may decide to just enjoy the pleasure without an orgasm.

After the Blissette ends he will be energized, and as he is no longer her Knight he may chose to masturbate to ejaculation on his own later that day. If she wants him to remain energized and to be her Knight for the rest of the day then if he suggests a Blissette she can try to negotiate a Devotional Day (or Night) instead.



Devotional Sex is practiced until the end of that evening when she has him Climax:

This Spell can be started anytime eg when waking up, via text during the day, or over dinner.

If one Session that evening is all that happens then this Spell is the same as Harmony. So the fun of this Spell is to also enjoy some Sessions earlier in the day or evening - all of which end without him Climaxing - with the Spell then ending at the end of their final Session where she has him Climax.

Of course she decides what happens during each Session and how long they last, so as well as perhaps having one (or more!) long Session(s), she can have fun getting him hard for just a few minutes and then leave him eager for their next bit of activity.
A cost to him of this Spell is that he has Sessions of activity which end with him missing out on the usual pleasure and release of Climaxing. But one of the benefits of being a Knight is that when he does get to Climax his ejaculation is usually much more powerful and pleasurable, and this can more than make up for having missed out earlier.

With it so easy for her to end a Session it then becomes fun to start a Session whenever she feels like it. For him the extra sexual activity due to lots of Sessions is one of the benefits of him being her Knight.

This Spell is suitable for a Wild Knight as he knows he will get to Climax that evening and his intensity during the day won't last so long that she gets annoyed by this.

I recommend that with a Gallant Knight you instead do the Devotional Night Spell as this gives him the opportunity (and challenge) of learning to enjoy Exaltation and Adoration at the end of the evening (albeit at the cost of him not Climaxing until the next morning).

Before he Climaxes that night either can suggest an Extension, and if agreed then instead of him Climaxing that night the couple will end the night with Exaltation and Adoration.


Spells that last for just for one Session and are thus suitable for a usually Vanilla couple to use to enhance their sex life:

As the Enhancing Vanilla group of Spells all last for just one Session (after which the couple go back to Vanilla) these Spells don't have any of the Lifestyle aspects of full Devotional Sex.

A couple may sometimes do one of these Spells just to add some variety to their sex life and thus do a Spell instead of having 'normal' sex. But where these Spells may be most useful is that some of these Spells work well when the alternative is that nothing sexual happens.

So if he suggests a morning quickie, and she doesn't want to go that far, instead of her saying no to sex she can suggests a Blissette, and he may agree to do this Spell as a morning Blissette is better than nothing. (Or if he just wants a quick ejaculation he can decline to do the Spell and then probably nothing happens).

And if in the living room (or in a private spot outside!) she may be reluctant to start some Vanilla sex but happy to do a Session of Play. And a Session of Affection enables erotic intimacy and connection to be enjoyed when she doesn't feel like normal sex.

I recommend that couples who are interested in exploring full Devotional Sex usually do a Beginner or Intimidate Spell instead of these single session Spells so that the Devotional Sex lasts for longer than just the one session.

So instead of doing a Blissette in the morning (and going back to Vanilla straight after), a Day or Night is agreed instead. Once agreed she may decide just to have a few minutes of one activity that morning (a Blissette Session) and afterwards he remains her Knight and both look forward to further Devotional Sessions later that day.


The couple practice Devotional Sex while at an event:

Shared Activities are new ways for a couple to enjoy some sexual activities in front of or with others, and what makes them different from the usual ways is that the principles of Devotional Sex are applied.

Though group events - such as a Devotional Sex Party or an Affirmation Party - were designed for Devotee couples, these events can also be attended by Vanilla couples as long as they agree to practice Devotional Sex whilst at the event - hence this Spell.

Note that even though he doesn't become her Knight until they get to the event, well before-hand the couple need to have a long talk so that she knows what he is willing to have happen at the event, how he feels about these things, what he is not willing to do, and what he is happy for her to do and what he doesn't want her to do.

At the event he commitments to fulfilling the wishes of his Princess (within what he is willing to do) and to not ejaculate while at the event.

Her commitment at the event is to stay within what he is happy to have happen and to use her control so that both she and him enjoy the event.

For couples with some interest in exploring Devotional Sex back home I recommend that instead of doing the Event Spell that they agree to do a Devotional Day or Night (or longer) so that he remains her Knight when they get back home.


Spells that last for a few to many days and where she can decide to have him Climax at the end of any Session:

The Experienced group of Spells all have the Knight not know when he will get to Climax. Though she will take into account his feelings, if she wishes she can have him Climax a bit earlier or a bit later than he would prefer.

Having him Climax a bit earlier is useful for when she tires from his energy and wants this lowered for a while. But she may also sometimes have him Climax earlier than usual just to surprise him or just because she feels like having him Climax.

Having him last a bit longer than he prefers has him feel that he really is hers and he may very much enjoy the extra intensity and thus, though finding it challenging, still be an extremely happy Knight. Of course she should only keep him going for a bit longer than he prefers if she enjoys doing this. And if she really enjoys it then it can become usual for him to be challenged this way (but it should never be to the point where he no longer wants to be her Knight).

With the Beginner group of Spells both know that he won't Climax until they get to the pre-agreed end of that Spell. Doing these Spells means that both learn that her getting him aroused and this ending without him Climaxing is their new normal when doing Devotional Sex as every Session except the last Session of the Spell will end this way.

With the Experienced group of Spells he never knows whether a Session will end with him Climaxing or not. This increases the power and fun of the Devotional Dynamic. These Spells are recommend for experienced couples because as they have got used to it being normal for him not to Climax at the end of a Session, even though he now knows that he might get to Climax, when this doesn't happen this is thought of by both as normal and not as her denying him.

She never tells him what she has planned for the end of a Session. Not only does this mean that she can easily change her mind, but it means that he will be feeling a strong Devotional Dynamic because he doesn't know. Thus it will be common to have a Session where she doesn't even think of the possibility of having him Climax. But even so, she may enjoy that he doesn't know what will happen at the end of the Session.

So if a couple are having Joy in a typically male dominant position - such as doggy - he will still feel hers because he doesn't know if this will end with her saying "Release" or "Fini".


Just before a Spell ends (while he is still aroused) either can propose an extension:

The requested extension can be to add some further time to the current Spell so that it lasts a bit longer.

So if the Spell is about to end that evening it could be extended for the night so that his Climax doesn't happen until the next morning. Or it could be extended for another day so that his Climax now happens next evening and he remains her Knight until then.

Either can also propose that the current Spell ends as planed with his Climax, but immediately afterwards a new Spell starts.

There can be some negotiation so that both will be happy with the extension.

Most importantly either can decline the extension. If he declines her suggestion for an extension both should remember that he has kept his commitment to do the current Spell, so his declining to extend it isn't him failing as her Knight.

If she wishes she can be giving him a Devotional Cuddle or some active Desire Play during the negotiation (which may make him more likely to agree to any extension which she proposes).

Extensions can be used by a Knight who is unsure how he will cope. He commits to the longest Spell he is sure that he can do, and when the end of that Spell is reached if he feels he could go a bit longer the Spell gets extended. And once the new end-point is reached the Spell can be extended yet again.


A single Session of Devotional Sex which ends when she has him Climax:

The sexual activity is harmonious for her because he commits to fulfill her wishes (within what he is willing to do) and it is harmonious for him because as his Princess for that Session she must ensure that he enjoys what happens as well.

If a Spell of Harmony happens often then Balance in activities and satisfaction may be achieved over several Spells.

For most couples one big difference between Harmony and Vanilla is that with Harmony she can easily decide that Joy won't happen. So rather than her saying no to sex because she doesn't feel like intercourse, she can suggest Harmony and both get to enjoy some harmonious sex when otherwise nothing would have happened.

She can use Harmony to experiment (because if she doesn't like something she can end it immediately) and it can be used to teach her partner how better to pleasure her.

Some men accept that sex within a relationship can't be porn-style, but think that porn-style is great for casual sex. A single woman who doesn't want porn-style sex when she has a fling can try to negotiate a Spell of Harmony (the alternative may be that nothing happens at all) and if he accepts then she can be sure that she will enjoy everything that happens.


Negotiating to do a Spell may take some time and effort at first. But once a couple both know what is involved a Spell can be negotiated fairly quickly.

And if both remember some of the terms on this page a Spell can be negotiated in just a few seconds. For example:

"Let's have a Devotional Weekend."

Him: "How about a quickie?"
Her: "No, but a Blissette would be nice."
Him: "OK. Which activity is your wish?"

"How about some Devotional Play before dinner?"
"Let's make it a Devotional Day"
"Yes. That's even more fun!"

"How about a Devotional Weekend?"
"That's too long for me, but a Devotional Night is fine."

Those who can't remember the terms here can, of course, just spell it out. For example:
"How about some Devotional Sex?"
"OK. Lets do it until the end of tomorrow evening?"
"That's great."

If he is a Pledged Knight then negotiation is very easy for her because he has pledged to agree to do a Spell whenever she wishes. If she asks for a Spell he can suggest making it a longer Spell, in which case she decides which Spell happens.


The couple practice Devotional Sex until the the next morning when she has him Climax:

With the Day Spell he is her Knight all day and he gets to Climax before he goes to sleep. With this Spell he goes to sleep without having Climaxed, remains her Knight all night, and the Spell doesn't end until she has him Climax in the morning.

Him having to last all night is challenging - especially for a new Knight - but it also has two major rewards:

The first reward is that it is only when sexual activity ends that night that the couple work together to turn his sexual frustration into him feeling intimacy and connection. This is when he learns Exaltation and Adoration, and this is what takes Devotional Sex from being just a way to have sex to being a way to turn erotic energy into intimacy and connection and a new way of being together.

Because this time of Exaltation and Adoration is so key to Devotional Sex I recommend that a couple with a Gallant Knight always do this Spell and never do the Day Spell.

When cuddles end the Knight is likely to still be hard, and for a new Knight it may be a challenge to get to sleep. But this challenge becomes much easier as he gets more practice, and eventually it becomes just as easy to sleep as before.

The second major reward is him waking up with all the energy of the night before. Even just the first Devotional Cuddle feels very special to both.

If she wishes she can enjoy his eagerness for sexual activity. Just saying "Pleasure" will have him eagerly go down and she can enjoy a morning orgasm that way.

She decides how he will Climax in the morning. If she doesn't feel like doing much then she can tell him to "Energize" and after a while say "Release" so that he does all the work.

Either can suggest an Extension before he Climaxes in the morning. If agreed this then enables them both to enjoy his even higher energy that day and evening.


A session of Devotional Sex outside of the bedroom which ends without him Climaxing:

With Vanilla sex there is often the expectation that if she initiates some sexual activity, or accepts his sexual advance, that as she has encouraged his arousal she should 'finish the job' by having ejaculate at the end.

So if she thinks that some sexual activity would be fun but doesn't want to go as far as having him ejaculate she won't initiate sex or accept his advance.

This Spell enables a couple to quickly agree that instead of nothing happening she can enjoy what she wishes, for as long or short a time as she wishes, and he won't Climax at the end.

So if she suggests some Devotional Play and he agrees to this Spell some sexual activity happens, and if he doesn't agree then usually nothing will happen. So Play is extra sex.

Play can be her surprising him by giving him a Desire Kiss for a minute or two just before they go out. It can be her giving him some Desire Play whilst watching TV - which could go on for over half an hour. Play can even happen outside in a private spot.

One reason that Play is fun for her is that she decides what happens - so she can do or have done to her an activity that she wants at that time and know that other activities that he is keen on will not happen during that Session.

Though Play may often be her surprising him, he may suggest it when he feels that she wouldn't agree to some Vanilla sex but she might enjoy some Play. He feels a strong Devotional Dynamic when suggesting this because if she accepts he doesn't know what will happen nor how long it will last.

Of course at the end of the Play he will have high background erotic energy - and part of the fun (for both) can be him desiring her afterwards. So some Play just before going out will have them both remembering what happened all the time they are out together.

As the couple go back to Vanilla once the Play session has ended, their next session will be Vanilla (and if there isn't another session that day he might go off and masturbate).

Those more interested in Devotional Sex will want to continue they dynamic and so if, say on a deserted beach, one suggests some Play, the other might say "Let's make it a Devotional Day (or Night)."


The couple practice Devotional Sex for several or many days until she decides to have him Climax:

This Spell is recommended for Experienced Devotees as for them it feels normal for both that most Sessions end without him Climaxing. Thus, even though this Spell has the added excitement that he never knows when he will get to Climax, when a Session ends without him Climaxing he won't feel that she is denying him.

This Spell gives her control over how long it is before she has him Climax and they go back to Vanilla. As explained in the entry for Experienced, she takes into account his feelings but can have the Season last a bit longer or be a bit shorter than he prefers.

If she is keen to continue doing Devotional Sex but wants to have him Climax, or if the Season has lasted so long that he won't be happy to go any longer, she can try to negotiate an Extension just before she has him Climax so that he agrees to start another Season straight away. This can happen again at the end of the next Season as which can keep Devotional Sex going for a long time (but with either being able to take things back to Vanilla at the end of any of any Season).

The step after negotiating a new Season at the end of each Season is to agree to do a Stretch of Devotional Sex. So then Seasons within the Stretch end without any negotiation and the next Season starts automatically.


A single Session of Devotional Sex where she decides whether or not he Climaxes at the end:

Usually the term Session means the time from starting a Devotional activity / dynamic until the activities / dynamic ends. When Living Devotional Sex or doing a Stretch of Devotional Sex the Knight never knows whether a Session will end with or without him Climaxing. And when doing a Spell with a fixed end-point any Session before that end-point will always end without him Climaxing.

The Spell of a Session is a couple agreeing to do Devotional Sex just for one Session and, just like those Living Devotional Sex, she deciding at the end whether or not he Climaxes. The big difference is that when Living or doing a Stretch he remains her Knight however it ends, whilst with the Spell of a Session the couple stop doing Devotional Sex once the Session ends.

In practice many men may prefer to agree to a Spell where they know the ending, and so either agree to a Spell of Harmony where he knows he will get to Climax at the end or, if the focus of the Session is to be intimacy and connection, to agree to a Spell of Affection where he commits to not Climaxing at the end.

Another option is to agree to a Season which means that if the Session ends without him Climaxing he remains her Knight and she can put his energy to good use next Session.

Set Day

Devotional Sex is practiced until the evening of the set day when she has him Climax:

A Devotional Weekend has the end day set at Sunday. This Spell is for when a couple want to do a few days of Devotional Sex ending on a different day.

So agreeing on 'Thursday' has him her Knight until she has him Climax on Thursday evening, and if this was agreed on Monday then the Spell lasts three days.


Devotional Sex is practiced for the agreed stretch of time and during this time she may have him Climax:

The agreed time for practicing Devotional Sex may be for a weekend, a week, a fortnight, or even a month or longer.

A Stretch will usually include several Seasons, ie she has her Knight Climax during the Stretch and they then automatically start a new Season.
This Spell ends when she has him Climax at the agreed end-date after which things finally go back to Vanilla.

This Spell is recommended for Experienced Devotees as for them it feels normal for both that most Sessions end without him Climaxing. Thus, even though this Spell has the added excitement that he never knows when he will get to Climax, when a Session ends without him Climaxing he won't feel that she is denying him.

When she has him Climax and he remains her Knight I recommend that the Knight try to keep his energy low until she fires it up again with some activity.

For example, if she has him Climax Saturday morning this is probably because she doesn't feel like him being energized all day and she wants a rest from his energy. So keeping her happy is keeping his energy low. When she wants him energized again she initiates some activity and him not Climaxing at the end of this leaves him once again energized.

But if she wants to fire things up again quickly then having her Knight Climax before going to sleep gives him all night to recover, and if she has some activity happen next morning then he will once again be her eager Knight.

If just before the Stretch ends the couple agree to extend the Spell and immediately start another Stretch then the couple can start to move towards Living Devotional Sex.


The couple practice Devotional Sex until the evening of the next day when she has him Climax:

This Spell is one step further than the Night Spell. As he doesn't Climax during the morning of day two he will feel energized all the second day.

If the couple are together on the second day then his higher-than-usual erotic energy can be enjoyed by having some short or longer Sessions during the day. If they are not together, eg he is at work, then this becomes an exercise for him to learn to manage his own erotic energy so that he can function within normal life.

His higher energy on the evening of day two enables some very passionate play. As he will be keen for activity, any activity, this is a good time to explore Affirmation as this enables time to be spent together with him feeling that his energy is being used.

His high energy on the second evening also makes this a good time to train him to enjoy giving Pleasure Kisses.

The Tomorrow Spell would be fairly challenging for a Wild Knight but may be lots of fun for both. It is also a good Spell to teach a new Gallant Knight to learn to manage his energy.


Doing things to hasten the changes in how each think and feel about sex when doing Devotional Sex:

Doing Spells of Devotional Sex can change how both think and feel about sexual activities. Some of this will happen without either thinking about it, but the changes will happen quicker and be deeper if you know what is happening and help it along.

Like training for a sport, each person is aware of what they are doing and why. But with Devotional Sex training is hard to do alone and thus the more their partner helps them train the better.

For HIM most of the training isn't about having him do things, but changing how he thinks and feels about doing them. The way to train a new Knight to enjoy some Devotional activities much more is to have these activities mainly happen when he has very high energy in the last third of the Spell.

For example, with a new Knight Affirmation may feel silly if done at the beginning of a Spell. But when done at the end when he has very high energy it is enjoyed by him because it is doing something with his energy and it allows him to show how eager he is for more activity.

For a new Knight at the beginning of a Spell he won't be extra keen to give a Pleasure Kiss. But near the end of the Spell when his energy has built up he will be extra keen for any activity. So when new at Devotional Sex having most or all of the Pleasure Kissing happen when he has high energy trains him to enjoy doing this much more than before. And when he knows that giving a Pleasure Kiss is likely to be the main activity next Session his high erotic energy will have him looking forward to doing this.

So with a Devotional Weekend when waking up on Saturday morning she might give him a Desire Kiss for a few minutes and then they get up (and he will be thinking about the Desire Kiss all day), then on Sunday wakeup she has him give a very long Pleasure Kiss, then just a Devotional Cuddle, and then they get up (and now he will be thinking of the Pleasure Kiss all day) and will be wanting to do it again Sunday evening.

The goal is that his thoughts and feelings develop so that when she says "Reveal" or "Pleasure" he has learned to enjoy these activities so much that it feels like she is allowing him to do them and she is pleasing him (as well as enjoying things herself!). Eventually both these activities will be enjoyed even at the start of a Spell.

For BOTH there is getting used to sexual activity happening without him ejaculating at the end (which is what the Beginner Spells aim to teach). This includes him learning to turn frustration at the end of activity into intimacy and connection, and her learning to enjoy him doing this.

And to be able to enjoy longer Spells it is essential that she can have some morning and bedtimes which don't have lots of activity. This means her learning to accept and feel relaxed about his arousal when having just a cuddle. And he must learn to accept sessions where not much happens, and she can help him do this by giving him a Devotional Cuddle.



The couple practice Devotional Sex until she has him Climax on Sunday night:

The earlier that the couple agree to start this Spell the longer their practice of Devotional Sex lasts.

If started on Saturday then this is the same as the Tomorrow Spell.

If started on Friday then it lasts for three days and this means that on Sunday he will be even more energized and passionate. So Sunday is a good time to explore and enjoy activities, such as Affirmation, where his higher intensity will make them work better, and to train him to enjoy giving Pleasure Kisses.

If started Thursday or earlier then this Spell starts to become a new way of being together rather than just a short adventure. A big part of this becoming a new normal is for the Princess to feel relaxed about having a morning or bedtime where nothing more than a cuddle, or a Devotional Cuddle, happens.

The big challenge for a Gallant Knight isn't doing the things his Princess wishes (he will be eager for any activity), but learning to accept and deal with the fact that she will sometimes wish for no more than a cuddle.


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