Devotional Sex

Glossary of Wishes

A Wish Word is a special word
that makes it clear to him what she would like to happen
- and her wish is his command.

Using a Wish Word has things flow the way she wishes without her acting or feeling dominant. And as she only says one word, which can be said gently, it can feel like her wish just happens without talking.

About the Wish Words

Short list of all the Wish Words.

                         Definition and Explanation:


He lies on his back (ie tummy up):

This Wish Word is useful if she wants to do some active Desire Play, or give him a Desire Kiss, to have Joy with her on top, or to straddle him for a Pleasure Kiss.

Also, once he is lying on his back, she can then tell him to Float or to Energize.

Using this Wish has him feeling hers because not only does he have to stop what he is doing, but he has no idea what, if anything, is going to happen once he is lying on his back.


He holds her breast as they cuddle:

If her Preference is that he never holds her breasts during a cuddle without her approving this, then she can use this Wish Word to allow him to do this (and he can say this Wish word to request this).


He pleasures her Pleasure with his hand:

This Wish Word enables her to have him touch her Pleasure whenever she wishes.

Though some Princesses may like their Knight to Suggest some Pleasure Play by moving his hand in that direction, many will like the idea that he never touches her Pleasure with his hand unless invited and will set this as one of her Preferences. Thus to enjoy his touch she will need to ask for him to touch her.

be Chaste

He refrains from playing with his Desire:

The default with this Wish Word is that she means for just the rest of this Session, but she can let him know that it applies for the rest of the day.

For many couples it will be a Preference that this always applies when they are together (in bed or during Affirmation) and so if he wants to play with himself when with her he needs to request this.

For about 40% of couples who Live Devotional Sex it works for them that he is always Chaste (ie he never plays with himself even when alone).


He gives her a long and gentle Pleasure Kiss:

This Wish Word is an alternative to her saying Pleasure which is useful as it lets him know that this Pleasure Kiss will be some Pleasure Cherishing ie that it will last a long time and that he should keep things slow and gentle.

Pleasure Cherishing may last 30 minutes or longer.

If she wishes then at the end she can build up energy and have an orgasm. Or it may feel right for both to end with a Devotional Cuddle without either having had an orgasm.


For those Knights who can, he starts to have multiple-orgasms without ejaculating:

Him learning to Crest is an optional enhancement to Devotional Sex.

Once this technique is learned he can Crest whenever she Wishes and he will keep Cresting until she asks him stop (going for too long gets exhausting).

When fully mastered, and with just a little mental preparation, he can even have a little Crest when he is not aroused or erect. This Wish can then be used at any time, and, as a little Crest is not too obvious, at any place.


He starts to cuddle her:

This Wish Word can be used to end an activity. For example if he is giving her a Pleasure Kiss or they are having Joy, then "Cuddle" ends that activity and he moves so that he can cuddle her.

The position of the cuddle will depend on how she lies. So some cuddles will be her on her side facing him and some her on her side with her back to him (a spoon cuddle). (The Wish "be Cuddled" has him lie on his side with his back to her.)

A common cuddle in Devotional Sex, especially after her orgasm, is her lying on her back with him on his side rolled over a bit to gently lie against her. With this cuddle if she puts her arm by her side she can then easily take hold of his erection and make this a Devotional Cuddle.

be Cuddled

He rolls to face away from her so that she can cuddle him from behind:

This Wish Word is useful for when him facing her during a cuddle is a bit too intense.

This type of cuddle has her 'protecting' him, and is thus a good way of having him feel hers.

If she wants she can reach down and hold his Desire making this a Devotional Cuddle.


He tells her how many days it has been since his last Climax:

This Wish Word makes it easy for her to manage when she has him Climax without her having to keep track. Instead, for couples who use this Wish, he commits to remember how many days it has been so that whenever asked he can quickly answer. (More)

Desire Me

He gets erect without touching himself:

She can use this Wish Word to watch him do this when he is naked at home and she can even ask him to do this when out in public, eg at a restaurant.

As his Desire isn't touched he needs to get aroused just from thinking about sex, and it can be fun for both if she helps him achieve her request by engaging in some erotic talk.

If he is standing in front of her during Affirmation she can enjoy watching him grow. And if she helps him along with some erotic talk she can see how he responds to different topics - a fun way for her to find out what really turns him on.


He stands in front of her and gently plays with himself to get, and then maintain, an erection:

During the Display she may ask him to turn or move closer, and she may give him guidance on how to touch himself. She can have him Display just for long enough for him to get himself hard, or she can enjoy the eye-candy for ten minutes or longer.

Of course if she wishes she can touch him (or even give him a Desire Kiss), but for many couples their usual will be that she never or only rarely choses to touch him during Display.

As well as enjoying the eye-candy, this Wish Word can be used to remind him that he is hers.

Having him Display at the beginning of Affirmation ensures that he remembers that his nudity is about his desire for her. And part of the fun for her with Display during Affirmation may be watching him afterwards to see how long it takes for him to loose his erection.


He gets dressed as she wishes:

If she says "Dress" while he is Affirmed (or partly undressed) then he puts his ordinary clothes back on.

This Wish Word can also be used to have him wear something special:

Dress for bed has him put on the item she has set for this wish before he gets into bed. This could be normal underwear, some special underwear, or she could even set that it means he must put in a butt plug.

Dress for dinner / going out can be set to him wearing Devotional Trousers, or special underwear, or a cock-strap or other device.


He sets his energy so that he is just about to Climax:

A Knight learns to keep his energy under control so that if his Princess says "Release" he can't do so immediately and it may take him a minute or so to change mode so that he can Climax.

This Wish Word tells him to set his energy so that he is on the edge so that when she says "Release" he can ejaculate straight away. (More)


He plays with himself to keep himself hard and energized:

He keeps doing this until she asks him to stop or says "Play" so that he doesn't have to keep his energy high.

This Wish Word can be used in bed, during Affirmation, or when he is wearing Devotional Trousers. (More)


He stops the current activity and withdraws:

This Wish Word is an easy and nice way for a Princess to end any activity.

So, for example, if having Joy "Fini" means he will stop and pull out and if playing with himself he will stop playing and remove his hands. (More)


He gently plays with himself while meditating:

Floating is a relaxing sexual meditation for him as well as a way for him to learn to calm and control his erotic energy.

This Wish Word has him do this when she desires. This may be when they are in bed together, during Affirmation, or she can send him away to do this solo (eg "Go to the bedroom and Float for 20 minutes").

Foot Massage

He prepares the room and himself then gives her a foot massage:

Preparing the room may be as simple as getting out the foot massage cream and a towel, or she may set that this also includes lighting a candle, putting on music, etc.

This Wish can also include that part of his preparation is to Reveal.

Including a few such special things adds some Courtliness to the dynamic and can make the foot massage feel more special to both.


From close up he gazes at her Pleasure:

This Wish Word can be used in different ways:
  • It can be as just a visual tease to build up his anticipation before she allows him to give her a Pleasure Kiss,

  • something that doesn't lead to a Pleasure Kiss this Session and leaves him hungry to do this in the future, or

  • it can even be done as a meditation on desire.
Part of the fun, for both, is that he doesn't know how long it will last or what will happen next. (More)

be Gentle

His thrusting becomes as gentle as it can be for him to remain hard:

When a Knight is thrusting into her Pleasure during Joy, or into her hand during a Devotional Cuddle, her saying this Wish Word stops him thrusting. But unlike the "be Still" Wish he is allowed to move enough to retain his arousal and erection.

When he is gentle it become easy for Joy or an energized Devotional Cuddle to continue for a very long time - a big step towards Tantra.


He is allowed to enter her to have Joy:

In some positions, like when she is on top, if she wants Joy then she is the one that moves to make this happen.

But in other positions, such as when spooning, if Joy is to start then he is the one that moves to make this happen.

This Wish Word lets him know that he is allowed to enter her.


He kisses her:

When she says this Wish Word the focus and thus where she wants to be kissed will be clear - eg if her hand is held out he will kiss her hand, and if he is giving her a foot massage he will kiss her feet.

Usually he will continue to kiss until she indicates that it is over (perhaps by just moving her hand or foot away from his mouth or by saying "Thank you".


What he is suggesting doesn't happen now, but he can suggest it again later that session:

This Wish Word could be used, for example, if he moves his hand towards her Pleasure and she doesn't want some Pleasure Play now, but she would like him to take the initiative again later on.

If she doesn't want him to suggest an activity again she can say "No".


He opens his trousers to liberate his Desire (and balls if he can):

This Wish Word is useful when she doesn't want him to Reveal or the situation doesn't allow him to do any more than Liberate himself.

For example just before a couple go out she could say "Liberate", he does so, she kneels down and gives him a short Desire Kiss to get him hard, then says "Fini", and he does himself back up. Then, all the time they are out, he will be thinking of what happened.

Liberate can be fun to use during a long car trip (putting something onto his lap when someone might be about to see ensures this is done without anyone else knowing).


He gives her a massage the way she likes it:

She can experiment to settle on a favorite default (is oil used? where does he start the massage? next steps? how does it end? etc), and unless she asks for something different he does it her favorite way.

She can use the More wish if she feels he is moving to fast.

If she wants the room prepared for giving her a massage she can use the Prepare wish.


He does more of what he has just moved on from:

So if, for example, he moves from one part of the body to another during a massage, her saying "More" has him return to the part he had just stopped massaging.


His suggestion doesn't happen and he cannot suggest it again that Session:

A Knight can Suggest an activity either by speech or a physical action.

This Wish makes it clear that she not only doesn't want the activity to happen at that time, but that to prevent her feeling pestered she doesn't want him to suggest the same activity again that Session.

Of course what happens later is still up to her, so she may surprise him by having the activity happen later that Session even though she had said "No" when he had suggested it.

Open the
  Door to ...

He initiates comments with someone which may lead towards doing the stated Shared Activity:

For Shared Activities HE gives advanced consent for what can happen, and SHE decides what, if anything, will happen and when.

So anytime she wishes she can start a conversation with someone which may lead to a Shared Activity taking place (as long as this is within what he has given prior consent for).

This Wish is for when she decides that she would like to find out if the other person is interested in doing an activity with them, and she wants her Knight to be the one to initiate the conversation with the other person and perhaps to do most of the talking.


He plays with himself until she asks him to stop:

He controls his own energy so he may have times of high energy as well as times of relaxed playing. If she wants him to have high energy she can say "Energize".

This Wish Word can be used in bed, during Affirmation, or when he is wearing Devotional Trousers. (More)


He gives her a Pleasure Kiss (or Pleasure Cuddle):

Pleasure is a very special Wish Word and is part of what is represented by the Devotional Sex logo.

When she says this Wish he moves down. If he finds her legs together then he gives her a Pleasure Cuddle. If her legs are apart he positions himself between them and he gives her a Pleasure Kiss.

Whenever she says "Pleasure" he stays down until she either squeezes his shoulder or says "Thank you" (or similar).

Her gently saying "Pleasure" (or whatever other term a couple prefer), and him then eagerly fulfilling her wish, has a much more devotional feel than her pushing his head down. So I strongly recommend that Devotees try a week or two of using this Wish and see if this works best for them.

He should never remove any clothing unless asked. So if she is wearing panties in bed he just kisses her panties. Kissing her panties can be done to build anticipation for Unwrapping her or it can be to build anticipation for a real Pleasure Kiss at a future Session.

If she says "Pleasure" when she is standing up he kneels down and kisses what she presents to him - which could be jeans or her dress. But if she lifts up her skirt he kisses her panties, or, if she isn't wearing any, then he gets to taste her.

Note that this can be done anytime and anywhere (though some care should be taken not to offend others who may see) so it is a great way for her to surprise him and quickly have him feel hers.

Prepare ...


He prepares a room the way she likes it:

So "Prepare the bedroom" tells him that she would like him to go and prepare the bedroom.

She can have a list of things she would like done to prepare a room for a special session. For the bedroom this may be lighting some candles and putting on some gentle music. For the living room it may be putting the heater on so that some Affirmation can happen later and/or getting things ready to give her a foot massage.

be Quiet

He stops talking about any Devotional Sex related topic:

This Wish is useful if she feels that his enthusiastic talk is becoming too much and she needs a rest from this.

Ravish me

Without her having to say anything else, he engages in a predefined list of activities:

This Wish Word enables her to be pleasured in the way she has predefined without her having to say anything other than "Ravish me".

For example this may mean that her Knight is to give her body massage and then to have slow and sensual Joy. Or it could mean that he is to give her a Body Kiss and then a Pleasure Kiss.


He ejaculates:

A Knight never Climaxes until his Princess wishes him to do this. As well as her deciding how he will do this, she decides exactly when, and she can tell him this by saying "Release".  (More)


He removes all of his clothing:
This Wish Word can be used to start a period of Affirmation or she may want him naked for just a minute or two.

A Knight tells his Princess which situations he commits to always doing this (and what is off-limits). Then (as long as it is in an agreed situation) the fun, power and magic of her saying "Reveal" is that he will always quickly do as asked.

When he gets used to doing this quickly she can surprise him by saying "Reveal" and he will find himself naked before he has mentally prepared himself to be her Knight. She can also message "Reveal" to him so that he will be naked when she arrives home.

Because it is so easy for her to have him be naked she can use this Wish to 'sex-up' what is for her just a sensual relaxation. For example, just saying "Reveal" before he gives her a foot massage has him feeling like her Knight even if she sits back and enjoys the foot massage with her eyes shut. (He also feels hers because he doesn't know whether or not she will leave him Affirmed after the foot-massage.)

Her saying "Reveal" when alone inside your home is where this will happen most often. But spice is added to the Devotional Dynamic when allowed situations include a private backyard, when alone out in nature, and at a nude beach (or other places where nudity in front of others is allowed).

And a nice demonstration of Devotional Sex is enabled for those interested in Shared Activities if he commits to doing this in front of others (as long as they are consenting adults).

be Small

He cuddles her with his head on her chest:

This Wish Word is a good position for when her Knight is Eager and she wants to calm him down without giving him a Devotional Cuddle.

And when he is calm, this is a nice position for her to feel he is hers and for him to feel hers.

be Still

He stops moving:

This Wish Word can be used just to stop him thrusting or to 'tie him down'.

To stop him thrusting:

If he is giving too many thrusts into her hand during a Devotional Cuddle her saying "be still" not only has him stop thrusting but tells him that she doesn't want him Eager and so he should calm down to Adoration.

And during Joy this has him stop thrusting or gently moving inside her. If the couple are spooning then they will then just quietly cuddle with him still inside her and this can be so relaxing for her that she falls asleep.

Without him moving his erection is likely to eventually go down. So if she wants to keep him hard she should use the "be Gentle" Wish.

To 'tie him down':

There a no needs for ropes with Devotional Sex because if she says "Back", tells him how to position his arms and legs, and then says "be Still" he won't move until she says some words to untie him. Of course she can tell him to "be Still" in other positions as well.

Using "be Still" has a different feel from ropes as it's his commitment to fulfill her wishes that prevents him from moving - it's mental bondage.

One advantage of mental bondage is that she can do this instantly whenever she wishes - no need to get out equipment.


He licks and sucks her nipples:

He will continue to do this until she says another Wish.


He makes THREE suggestions of what could happen next:

The first suggestion is something that he thinks she would like, the second is something that he would like, and the third is something that could be done at that time but is challenging or different from what they usually do.

This Wish is useful for when she is wondering what to do next or she just wants to know his thoughts and desires.

It is up to her what happens so perhaps no suggestion will be done or one of his suggestions inspires her to think of something completely different.

The suggestions should all fit the situation - so his three suggestions if asked in bed should be things that could be done then, whilst "Suggest for tonight" is asking for scenarios that could happen that evening.


He wets his finger with the juices of her Pleasure and then licks his finger clean:

This Wish Word can be a powerful tease for a Knight as it will have him being very eager for her to say "Pleasure" (which may happen shortly after or not until another Session).

As well as being used to instruct him to wet his finger, if she touches herself to wet her finger, and then presents this to him, her saying "Taste" tells him that he can lick her finger clean.


He starts to tell the other person(s) about their practice of Devotional Sex:

With Telling Others HE decides who can be told and SHE decides if and when any of these people will be told.

When she decides that someone will be told she can start to do the talking.

This Wish is useful if she decides that someone will be told but she prefers her Knight to initiate, and perhaps then do most of, the talking.


He must fully and truthfully answer the Devotional Sex related questions:

Part of the definition of being a Knight is that he commits to "openly and honestly communicating with her on all aspects of this lifestyle."

Doing this requires him to open up and to thoughtfully consider what he says. This is a very different mode of answering than normal conversation.

This Wish makes clear to him that she wants a full and honest answer to her question(s) so rather than answering casually he will answer as her Knight.

This Wish can also be used when Telling Others about Devotional Sex as the Wish tells him that he has permission to and/or she really wants him to give a full and open answer.


He takes off his trousers and underpants so is naked from the waist down:

This Wish Word is an alternative to Reveal and can be used either when the Princess prefers the look of him wearing a top or when it is too cold for him to be fully naked.

If his top hangs down a fair way then it is like he is wearing a mini-skirt. But if the top doesn't go down very far then his Desire and behind is just as exposed as if he were fully Revealed.


He removes all his clothing except he leaves his underpants on:

This Wish Word is an alternative to Reveal.

A Princess may prefer this look (especially if he is wearing some special sexy underwear), or she may have him Undressed for a while before she finally says Reveal.


He helps her to completely undress:

Using this Wish Word adds some Courtliness to the Session.

As he lovingly undresses her he will be very aware that he has no idea what, if anything, is going to happen that session.


He takes her panties off:

Using this Wish Word adds some Courtliness to the session as although she could quickly take them off herself, having him do it for her makes this moment feel special to both.

As many Devotee couples have a focus on him giving her oral sex, taking her panties off is for him a bit like unwrapping a much desired present, and for her it is the joy of feeling his desire for her.


He helps her put her panties back on:

This Wish Word adds some Courtliness to her getting dressed.

As he is always desiring her, him helping to put her panties on is like wrapping up something valuable that he is eager to Unwrap later.

A few Devotee couples may enjoy having Wrap and Unwrap be something that they do at least once a week so that it becomes a normal part of their Devotional Dynamic.


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