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From close up he gazes at her Pleasure:
This Wish Word can be used in different ways:

Gaze to build up his anticipation:
To build up his anticipation for giving her a Pleasure Kiss she may say "Gaze" so that he can see her from very close but has to wait until she wishes him to touch or lick her.

Then, a short or long time later, she says "
Pleasure" and he can give her the Pleasure Kiss.

For a much longer build up she can use Gaze without this leading to a Pleasure Kiss that Session and this will leave him hungry for her all of the time until their next Session.

Part of the fun, for both, is that when she says "Gaze" he doesn't know how long he will have to wait until he is allowed to give her a Pleasure Kiss - will it be just a few minutes, later that night, or might he have to wait until another day?

Gazing can be intense for a Knight. For example Jill's Knight wrote:

Occasionally during Affirmation my Princess wishes for some Gazing. The close-up view plus the aroma of her Pleasure achieves the utmost excitement and the maximum erection for me, especially when I have not ejaculated for ten or more days.

Both of us enjoy this. My hunger for my Princess becomes almost unbearable but so much better than not being allowed to Gaze at her at all.

And she loves my
genuine hunger and devotion together with a maximum twitching erection that lasts a long time.

But the same event can be relaxing for a Princess.  Jill wrote:

After dinner, I requested Affirmation and soon after asked my Knight to Gaze while I read my book. It was a pleasant way to wind down. Soon we both went to bed. I was too tired to do anything but sleep.

Note that with Devotional Sex some activity in the living room before bed doesn't mean that activity in bed will follow.

Gaze as a meditation:
Gaze can also be used to have him spend a fairly long time gazing at her Pleasure and such a Session becomes a meditation of him desiring her and her enjoying his desire. Having a few long Sessions of Gaze can change how he thinks of his Princess - it becomes a very Pleasure focussed dynamic - and some couples may very much enjoy the result.

Gaze should only be done when he is very hungry for her as otherwise rather than increasing his desire it will feel like a chore.

Gazing from a distance:
Gazing from a distance is also powerful, and this can be done during a foot massage.

Note that the Gaze Wish has him put his head up close. So for longer distance Gazing she just wishes for a foot massage, and then at some stage lets him see her Pleasure as he massages her feet.

If this inspires her to allow him a closer look then she says "Gaze" and he stops the foot massage and places his chin on the seat in-between her legs and starts gazing from up close.


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