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He tells her how many days it has been since his last Climax:

When a couple use this Wish Word he commits to keep track of the number of days since his last Climax so that whenever she asks "Days?" he is able to tell her.

She may ask this just to find out how energized he is. Or she may enjoy asking him just to remind him of how long it has been, and this is a nice way to remind him that he is her Knight.

As it is so easy to ask this a Princess may enjoy doing so when he doesn't expect this, such as when out shopping together or when out at a restaurant.

As he has to keep track, even on days when she doesn't ask him he will know exactly how many days it has been.

When he has lasted for his usual time, or for longer, it is rather powerful for her to ask "Days" near the end of sexual activity and then not have him Climax. Having asked "Days" he knows that her keeping him going is her very deliberately charging him up.

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