Devotional Sex

Wish Words


He sets his energy so that he is just about to Climax:
This Wish Word has him go to the edge while he is playing with himself, or has him get into this mode during Joy or when she is playing with him or giving him a Desire Kiss.

When he is on the edge if she then says "Release" he will be able to Climax almost instantly.

Devotional Sex has the Knight learn some of the Tantric/Tao techniques for controlling his erotic energy. This enables him to have high energy yet not feel that he is about to Climax.

This highly energized yet stable state makes things easier for his Princess because she can enjoy the activity they are doing without her having to constantly worry about not making him Climax by mistake.

If he is in the controlled high energy mode and she says "Release" it may take him a minute or so to change mode so that he is able to ejaculate.

So if a Princess wants her Knight to Climax as soon as she says "Release" then telling him to Edge first will enable him to do this.

She can say "Edge" and then say "Release" just a minute or two later.

But it can be powerful and fun, for both, for her to keep him at the Edge for a while (though care needs to be taken to ensure that he doesn't Climax before she wishes).

Edging without Release following is not Devotional Sex
When a Knight is in the controlled high energy mode and his Princess ends sexual activity without him Climaxing, it is fairly easy for him to direct his energy into Exaltation and then Adoration, or straight into Adoration, both of which have him feeling intimacy and connection without any feelings of frustration.

If she has him Edge and ends activity without him Climaxing then even a very experienced Knight is likely to feel frustration.

Thus having him edge without Climax isn't pure Devotional Sex, but is a big step towards the Tease and Denial of BDSM. This is a very different dynamic from Devotional Sex.

Couples are free to do whatever works best for them as a couple, so couples who enjoy Tease and Denial can do so. But bear in mind that you are no longer doing pure Devotional Sex but a mix of Devotional Sex and BDSM.

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