Devotional Sex

Wish Words


He starts to cuddle her:
This Wish Word can be used to end an activity. For example if he is giving her a Pleasure Kiss or they are having Joy, then "Cuddle" ends that activity and he moves so that he can cuddle her.

The position of the cuddle will depend on how she lies. So some cuddles will be her on her side facing him and some her on her side with her back to him (a spoon cuddle). (The Wish "be Cuddled" has him lie on his side with his back to her.)

A common cuddle in Devotional Sex, especially after her orgasm, is her lying on her back with him on his side rolled over a bit to gently lie against her. With this cuddle if she puts her arm by her side she can then easily take hold of his erection and make this a Devotional Cuddle.

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