Devotional Sex

Wish Words

"Be Still"

He stops moving:
This Wish Word can be used just to stop him thrusting or to 'tie him down'.

To stop him thrusting:
If he is giving too many thrusts into her hand during a Devotional Cuddle her saying "be still" not only has him stop thrusting but tells him that she doesn't want him Eager and so he should calm down to Adoration.

And during Joy this has him stop thrusting or gently moving inside her. If the couple are spooning then they will then just quietly cuddle with him still inside her and this can be so relaxing for her that she falls asleep.

Without him moving his erection is likely to eventually go down. So if she wants to keep him hard she should use the "be Gentle" Wish.

To 'tie him down':
There a no needs for ropes with Devotional Sex because if she says "Back", tells him how to position his arms and legs, and then says "be Still" he won't move until she says some words to untie him. Of course she can tell him to "be Still" in other positions as well.

Using "be Still" has a different feel from ropes as it's his commitment to fulfill her wishes that prevents him from moving - it's mental bondage.

One advantage of mental bondage is that she can do this instantly whenever she wishes - no need to get out equipment.

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