Devotional Sex

Wish Words


He removes all of his clothing:

This Wish Word can be used to start a period of Affirmation or she may want him naked for just a minute or two.

A Knight tells his Princess which situations he commits to always doing this (and what is off-limits). Then (as long as it is in an agreed situation) the fun, power and magic of her saying "Reveal" is that he will always quickly do as asked.

When he gets used to doing this quickly she can surprise him by saying "Reveal" and he will find himself naked before he has mentally prepared himself to be her Knight. She can also message "Reveal" to him so that he will be naked when she arrives home.

Because it is so easy for her to have him be naked she can use this Wish to 'sex-up' what is for her just a sensual relaxation. For example, just saying "Reveal" before he gives her a foot massage has him feeling like her Knight even if she sits back and enjoys the foot massage with her eyes shut. (He also feels hers because he doesn't know whether or not she will leave him Affirmed after the foot-massage.)

Her saying "Reveal" when alone inside your home is where this will happen most often. But spice is added to the Devotional Dynamic when allowed situations include a private backyard, when alone out in nature, and at a nude beach (or other places where nudity in front of others is allowed).

And a nice demonstration of Devotional Sex is enabled for those interested in Shared Activities if he commits to doing this in front of others (as long as they are consenting adults).


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