Devotional Sex

Wish Words

"be Calm"

He calms his erotic energy

Devotional Sex has many times when a Knight has very high erotic energy, and when he has this high energy his feelings can range from being calm and serene (similar to Tantric Sex) all the way up to him feeling desperate.

Both may enjoy times when he is Energized and feeling desperate. This may be during a post-sexual activity Devotional Cuddle or it can happen during just a Devotional Cuddle.

Key to her enjoying such a Devotional Cuddle is her feeling in control, and in this case her control is not only her deciding what, if any, activity will follow, but control of how he feels. Within Devotional Sex him feeling desperate is powerful fun because, once she has had enough of him feeling this way, she can say "be Calm" and he will start to calm his energy.

This intense fun is likely to happen more often when she knows she can end it whenever she wishes.

So the power of the "be Calm" Wish Word isn't that she uses this to keep him calm, but that it becomes easier to enjoy many times when he is Energized and desperate.

Of course "be Calm" can also be used when he has only moderate energy and she wants him even calmer.


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