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Devotional Cuddle

A cuddle during which she gently holds his erection:

If she wants to keep him
Eager she can gently play with him, but this is done in a relaxed way (for her). If she keeps her hand fairly still then an Eager Knight will eventually calm down and feel Adoration.

A Devotional Cuddle can be all that happens in a session, it will often be enjoyed before some activity, it can be done as some resting time in between activities, and having a Devotional Cuddle after activities end helps the Knight direct his erotic energy to feeling intimacy and connection.

Thus some Devotees will spend more time in bed enjoying Devotional Cuddles than all other sexual activities combined, and enjoying this is one of the highlights of doing Devotional Sex.

A couple may sometimes have a Devotional Cuddle where he is not hard and she has her hand over his soft Desire and balls. This feels very different for him as when he is erect it is her accepting his energy, but if he is soft he feels the energy flow is the other way.


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