Devotional Sex

The Activities of Devotional Sex

The unique dynamic created by Devotional Sex enables a whole range of activities to be enjoyed, some very different from what happens within Vanilla Sex.

This page presents a range of Devotional activities. Some you may do often, a few you might sometimes do, and some you may never do.


Devotional Cuddle

A cuddle during which she gently holds his erection:

When sexual activity ends without him Climaxing, a Devotional Cuddle helps him direct his energy into intimacy and connection. As well as after sex, many sessions of sex may start with a Devotional Cuddle, and many Devotee couples have lots of Devotional Cuddles which go no further.

The many Devotional Cuddles is one of the things that makes Devotional Sex feel so special. (More)

Pleasure Cuddle

A cuddle where he rests his head on her lower tummy / pubic area
so that his nose is above her Pleasure:

This cuddle will have him thinking about giving her a Pleasure Kiss. (More)


Her having him be naked and spending time with him
whilst she remains dressed:

Though this is an option activity, most Devotee couples enjoy this a few times a week! (More)


She has him see her naked or scantily dressed
knowing that this will have him admiring and desiring her:

Whether this is for a short or long time, he enjoys desiring and she enjoys being desired. It also makes the Devotional Dynamic feel real as both know that it's up to her when some sexual activity will happen. (More)


When she has him be naked while she is his Goddess:

This is a combination of the fun of Affirmation and her being his Goddess. (More)

Foot Massage

She has him give her a foot massage:

Though this is a sensual pleasure for her, he will be feeling hers, so this is a nice way to celebrate and enjoy the Devotional Dynamic.

Even when she just wants to relax she can 'sex it up' for him by having him Affirmed and perhaps some playing with his Desire with a foot. (More)

Back / Body Massage

She has him give her a back or full body massage:

She may enjoy this a a prelude to her getting aroused and some sexual activity, or for her it can be just a sensual experience.

With his higher than usual erotic energy he may get aroused from just giving the message, and he will feel hers as he doesn't know what, if anything, will happen afterwards. (More)

Devotional Trousers

Baggy trousers with the lining of one or both pockets cut out
which are worn by a Knight without underwear:

These trousers enable his Princess to put her hand into his pocket and hold or play with him, or she can tell him to play with himself.

With just a bit of care it is possible for some touching to happen in public without anyone else knowing what is happening. (More)

Enchanting Him

Having her Knight know that she isn't wearing any panties:

He will be enchanted by her because once he knows his Princess isn't wearing panties his high background erotic energy ensures that he will keep thinking about this.

And as most Devotee couples enjoy Pleasure Kisses more often than Joy, he is likely to be thinking about licking her. He will also feel hers because he has no idea when his Princess will allow him to do this. (More)


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