Devotional Sex

Types of Session

Devotional Sex makes it easy to enjoy many different types of Session.

This page presents a wide range of possibilities, and it will hopefully encourage you to try some new things.

There is no need to remember all the names. But if there are some session types you want to talk about with your partner then
the name becomes an easy shorthand, eg "Can we have some Affection tonight?" or "Would you like a Blissette?"


A Devotional Cuddle
which may or may not include other activities in between
and he does not Climax at the end:

This term may be useful for a Knight to request such a session or for a Princess to offer it (eg "Come to bed for some Affection".


A cuddle which may or may not go further:

Being Devotional Sex the Knight is likely to get aroused even if the cuddle goes no further.



A short session (2 to 10 minutes) consisting of just one sexual activity:

A Blissette enables a few minutes of sexual pleasure before having to get up in the morning or before sleep when she doesn't feel like doing any more.

Blissettes are one of the unique joys that Devotional Sex enables. They make it easy and fun to enjoy sexual activity much more often than in a Vanilla relationship.



A medium session (10 to 40 minutes) of sexual activity:

A Session of Bliss may be mainly or only one activity.


Supreme Bliss

A long session of sexual activity (40 minutes to hours):

What happens will be enjoyed in a slow, gentle, and very sensual manner over a much longer time than usual. This adds a quiet intensity to the session and makes Supreme Bliss very special.



A Session where she has an orgasm
and then gives him a Devotional Cuddle and he experiences Exaltation:

That such a session can be a delight to both is a great example of the unique practices and pleasures of Devotional Sex.


Pleasure Cherising

A long Pleasure Kiss which becomes a meditation to both:

This meditation may eventually become more energized leading to her orgasm, or she can decide to end this and leave her orgasm for another time.

Instead of saying "Pleasure" to start this she can say "Cherish" which lets her Knight know to start slow and that this will last a long time.


Desire Cherishing

A long Desire Kiss which becomes a meditation to both:

She can rest her head on his tummy as she does this making it relaxing for both.


Devotional Appetizer

When a Pleasure Kiss is enjoyed before a meal
so that he starts the meal with the taste of her Pleasure still on his lips:

A Devotional Appetizer is just as much about enjoying the Devotional Dynamic during the meal as it is them enjoying the Pleasure Kiss beforehand.

She decides whether the Pleasure Kiss is just a taste or longer (perhaps enough to bring her to orgasm).


Devotional Energizer

She gets him energized (and he doesn't do anything to her)
so that he carries the energy afterwards:

Usually the session will only last a minute or two - just enough time to get him hard and energized.

It is a celebration of the Devotional Dynamic as she surprises him by initiating the Session, both enjoy how quickly he responds and gets hard, and her ending the session so quickly makes her control feel very real and then has him remembering what happened and looking forward to their next session.


Social Activities

Engaging in sexual activities other than Joy
without reaching high energy / high arousal:

I've called this sexual activity 'social' as it is mild enough for it to be possible to engage in normal social conversation or do other things, eg watch TV, while also enjoying the sex.


Focussed Sex

Sexual activity which takes your full attention:

The activity may have your full attention because it is very active, or it may be slow and have high erotic energy and / or high connection.

There can be times when he is focussed and for her it is a Social Activity.


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