Devotional Sex

Types of Session

Social Activities

Engaging in sexual activities other than Joy
without reaching high energy / high arousal:

When some sexual activity is mainly relaxed arousal peaking to only moderate energy it remains possible to have a normal conversation during the activity - hence calling this 'social'.

The couple can be doing other things - eg watching TV while he is Affirmed and she gently plays with him.

Him giving her a gentle Pleasure Kiss can be social activity for her if during this she has a phone call with a  friend (though this is likely to be Focussed Sex for him).

Though with Devotional Sex he gives her control over what happens, the social dynamic remains normal. So if you were to listen to a couple while they were doing Affirmation then most of the time they would sound just like an ordinary couple.

Though Social Activities usually include him being aroused and erect, she may be enjoying what is happening without being sexually aroused herself. As she has control over what happens she can feel relaxed that his arousal doesn't have expectations that she needs to get aroused enough to want further activity.

One of the reasons that Devotional Sex leads to much more sexual activity is that there can be many Sessions of just Social Activities in the living room as well as in the bedroom.

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