Devotional Sex

Types of Session


A Devotional Cuddle
which may or may not include other activities in between
and he does not Climax at the end:

This term can be used by a Knight to request a
Devotional Cuddle (with the hope, but not expectation, for more).

The 'price' of a Knight asking for Affection is that if she accepts this idea he knows he won't get to Climax. So requesting this makes clear that it is the affection of the Devotional Cuddle that is most important to him.

If she doesn't want the Session to be Affection (ie she may want to make him Climax or she might not want to give him a Devotional Cuddle) she can make it a Snuggle instead.

It can also be used by her
(eg "Come to bed for some Affection") to have him not know if more than a Devotional Cuddle will happen and to let him know beforehand that he won't Climax that Session.

Affection will start off with the Knight feeling Eager, but if nothing else happens he will move to Adoration.

Those not already doing Devotional Sex can decide to enjoy a Spell of Affection.

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