Devotional Sex

Types of Session

Devotional Appetizer

When a Pleasure Kiss is enjoyed before a meal
so that he starts the meal with the taste of her Pleasure still on his lips:

She decides whether the
Pleasure Kiss will be just enough to give him a taste or it will be enjoyed for long enough to bring her to orgasm. Usually the Pleasure Kiss will be the only activity of that Session.

Whether or not he wipes his face afterwards is up to each couple - if possible he should follow her wish. But he should retain her taste on his inner lips and in his mouth.

Afterwards, when they sit down to eat, both enjoy how he still has her taste and, as he didn't Climax, he is still desiring her and feeling very much hers. So having a Devotional Appetizer is just as much about enjoying the Devotional Dynamic during the meal as it is them enjoying the Pleasure Kiss beforehand.

The Pleasure Kiss can be done at home before the couple leave to go out to a restaurant (or to visit friends for dinner, etc).

If eating the meal at home then the dynamic can be enhanced even further by having him Affirmed during the meal.

Alternative names for this treat are a Devotional Hors d'oeuvre or, for those not in North America, a Devotional Entrée.


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