Devotional Sex

Types of Session


A short session (2 to 10 minutes) consisting of just one sexual activity:

A Blissette enables a few minutes of sexual pleasure before having to get up in the morning or before sleep when she doesn't feel like doing any more.

Of course the Princess decides which activity. If he is being pleasured then he will not Climax at the end, and if she has him pleasure her then though she can decide to have a quick orgasm a Blissette will most often be a taster for future activity and she will leave her orgasm for another time.

Blissettes are one of the unique joys that Devotional Sex enables. They make it easy and fun to enjoy sexual activity much more often than in a Vanilla relationship.

A Blissette is like a little snack between meals. As well as being very enjoyable in itself, a Blissette keeps both Devotees looking forward to the next session, which might be a longer session (Bliss) or just another Blissette.

Those not already doing Devotional Sex can quickly negotiate a Blissette Spell.


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