Devotional Sex

Types of Session

Supreme Bliss

A long session of sexual activity (40 minutes to hours):

What happens will be enjoyed in a slow, gentle, and very sensual manner over a much longer time than usual. This adds a quiet intensity to the session and makes Supreme Bliss very special.

She can take a break from activities by just giving him a Devotional Cuddle and during this she can either keep her Knight Eager by gently playing with him or, if she just holds him gently, they can rest with Adoration.

Supreme Bliss can be a mix of activities, but it can be used to make one activity feel very special:

Spending a long time with slow and gentle Joy is a big step towards Tantra.

Him giving her a long Pleasure Kiss, they then have a Devotional Cuddle as she rests after her orgasm, and then another long Pleasure Kiss and a second orgasm, to end with a final Devotional Cuddle is a very devotional way for a couple to spend a few hours in bed.

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