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Her having him be naked and spending time with him
whilst she remains dressed:

Affirmation is enjoyed by a Knight because it is doing something with his energy which celebrates the couple's
Devotional Dynamic. There is no humiliation involved, and in fact he is likely to feel proud to be her Knight.

For her Affirmation provides eye-candy with a lovely reminder that he is her Knight. She can also enjoy watching the rise and fall of his desire.

Affirmation may be done for just a few minutes or it can be done for many hours or even longer.

Affirmation in private (which may be outside if no-one can see) will always have him erect for at least for some of the time. There can be sessions where he is hard most of the time, where there is a mix between hard and soft, and where you are busy doing normal things so he is soft most of the time.

If Affirmation is done on say a normal nude beach it is inappropriate for him to get aroused. But as the Devotional Dynamic is felt by both this isn't just naturalism (though others who see you may think that it is) and so counts as Affirmation.

A Princess can very easily start Affirmation by saying the Wish Word Reveal, and during Affirmation she can use the wishes of Display, Desire Me, and Energize to ensure that there are times when he is erect.

Note that part of Affirmation is that he is naked because this is her wish, and he remains naked for as long as she wishes. So him deciding to be naked and just doing so isn't Affirmation (it is naturalism/nudism).

How often Affirmation happens depends on how much privacy a couple has and what the Princess enjoys. My Affirmation Survey found that it is a key activity for most who Live Devotional Sex with over 80% doing Affirmation at least once a week, and over 30% doing it 5 or more times a week.


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