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Foot Massage

She has him give her a foot massage:

Though this is a sensual pleasure for her, he will be feeling hers, so this is a nice way to celebrate and enjoy the Devotional Dynamic.

Having her Knight give a Foot Massage is an easy way for a Princess to enable her Knight to show his desire and devotion. The Knight can channel his desire for sexual activity into giving her the foot massage, and his position of sitting at her feet reinforces that what happens later, if anything, is totally up to her.

A foot massage is also a good way for a new Princess to learn to be relaxed and comfortable with instructing her Knight in how to please and pleasure her. He is not a mind reader - so she needs to let him know what she likes, how she likes it, and when to keep going with something or when to move on.

Even when she just wants to relax she can 'sex it up' for him by having him Affirmed and perhaps some playing with his Desire with a foot.

Of course she may have him Affirmed because she wants to, but if she just wants to relax it is still pretty easy to just say "Reveal" and then ignore his nudity but enjoy the fact that he is happier and more attentive.

After the foot massage she can tell him to get dressed or keep him Affirmed. That he doesn't know what will happen is part of the fun for him.

Using her foot to play with his Desire can be just a little thank you at the end, or it can become a big part of the fun. As always it is up to her.

Because giving a foot massage is so effective at establishing a Devotional Dynamic, while also being a non-sexual relaxing pleasure for the Princess, for many couples this will become a very common Devotional activity.


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