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Overview of Devotional Sex for HER - Page 1

Devotional Sex is a new sexual technique and lifestyle which enhances your and your partner's sexual life whilst also building and maintaining intimacy and connection.

As the roles, rewards, and responsibilities are very different for men and women within Devotional Sex, I've written two overviews - one for her, and one for him.

Whilst the One Page Summary says what is done and the overall benefits, this much longer overview also explains why it works for you and what you can do to make it work best for you and your partner.

This overview is from HER point-of-view
(though HE may find this informative as well).

Devotional Sex provides many rewards for a woman ...

Better sex (ie what happens before an orgasm):

Sexual activity is tailored to your desires and wishes - it becomes much more sensual, pleasurable and fun,

Usually many more orgasms:

Devotional Sex enables you to be as orgasmic as you wish and are able, and so most women enjoy many more orgasms,

Builds and maintains intimacy and connection:

Even though sex becomes much better, most women say that their biggest benefit is the increase in intimacy and connection and thus a better relationship.

You enjoy this while making your partner just as happy as you:

Part of the joy of Devotional Sex is that it becomes easy and fun to please your partner.

Combine all of the above and love blooms - exploring Devotional Sex can be like having a second honeymoon!
This overview takes a step-by-step approach
to show how all these rewards are created:

The rest of this page looks at what powers Devotional Sex, and why you will always enjoy sex because you decide what happens and when.

Then later:

Page 2 replaces consent with the aim of mutual happiness and talks about communication.

Page 3 shows why he will be as happy as you when you decide what sex happens.

Page 4 explains why what happens after sex ends is important for generating intimacy and connection.

Page 5 looks at how you can enjoy the dynamic when sexual activity doesn't happen - both in bed and outside the bedroom, and how this is also a key part of the intimacy and connection. And finally

Page 6 looks at enhancements to Devotional Sex, your next steps, and tells you how you can leave comments or ask questions.

To get the complete picture of how Devotional Sex works you need to read all of these pages.  You will then see how everything comes together to create a dynamic which can be easily lived and is enjoyed by your partner as much as it is enjoyed by you.


To practice Devotional Sex both you and your partner must commit to doing your role.

It's like
riding a tandem (2 person) bicycle - it only happens when you both agree to get on the bike, and if one gets off then the ride is over. And just like doing a tandem bike ride, to do Devotional Sex the first step is for you to both agree to start doing it and for how long you will do it for (after which you return to normal).

It will sometimes require some effort to fulfill your role, especially when it's all new to you. But on the whole it
is so easy to do that many women find that it very quickly starts to feel natural - it becomes a new normal.

Because your role has you feeling pampered and special I've called a woman who is doing Devotional Sex a Princess.

Your partner's role is much more challenging - he has to agree to be honor-bound to keep his commitments and this takes mental strength. With Devotional Sex he proudly kneels in front of his Princess and devotes himself to her - and thus I've called him a Knight.

Each role has four key commitments. The unique dynamic of Devotional Sex is what happens when  these are all in place. So this overview presents these commitments and shows how each works in practice and how they all interact with each other.

The starting point and powerhouse of Devotional Sex is his first commitment:
For example, if you both agree to do a Devotional Weekend then he commits to not ejaculate until the end of Sunday evening (how long he has to last depends on when you agree to start this Spell).

And when living Devotional Sex an experienced 20 year old will only, on average, ejaculate every two days, and for a 50 year old it will be about every ten days!

The obvious consequence of so few ejaculations is that your partner will become very eager for sex! He will be wanting it all of the time!

Some might find this fun for a short time, but for most this would very quickly become a burden.

For Devotional Sex to be livable and fun for you some balance is needed so that you don't feel pressured into having sex all of the time. So when he does Devotional Sex:
Part of the reason this technique is called Devotional Sex is that he is devoted to you and will do all that you wish! If you want a back rub or to receive oral sex then your wish is his command!

But before looking at what you can have him do, where this makes the biggest difference is when you wish for nothing to happen or activity to end.

When in bed, even if he has not ejaculated for many days and is very eager for activity, if you wish for nothing to happen or nothing more than a cuddle, then as he has committed to fulfill your wish he accepts that no sexual activity will happen.

As he has fewer ejaculations than before, most sexual activity will now end without him ejaculating. Without ejaculating he is likely to want to go on forever. So him committing to fulfill your wishes also means that when you want activity to end it does.

You don't need to act or feel dominant when at bedtime you say "just a cuddle tonight" or when, if you are having intercourse, you say "that's all for now".  Though he may sometimes find it challenging, having chosen to be your Knight he is honor-bound to do as you wish. If it takes effort to make his body behave, then he exerts the effort to control his own energy.

So when you wish for nothing to happen or sexual activity to end you can enjoy a relaxing cuddle even though your partner is usually aroused and erect (and you will see later why this is guilt free).

Your Knight fulfilling all your sensual and sexual wishes also means that when you want some sexual activity to happen it will.

Once again you don't need to act or feel dominant when you ask your Knight to do something.

His built up erotic energy usually means that he is eager for activity - any activity - and so to have something happen you just gently say what you want and he will eagerly oblige.

To make this even easier for you Devotional Sex has a collection of Wish Words. Just say any of these words and it is clear to your Knight what you want. And as you only say one or two words it is almost as if he just magically fulfills your wish.

He also fulfills your sensual wishes so you can have him give you a foot massage or a back or body massage whenever you wish.

Clearly him keeping his first two commitments will often be challenging for him. But what about your commitments? Do you face something similarly challenging?

The first of four things you must commit to isn't too burdensome - as Devotional Sex will only work and continue to happen if you enjoy it much more than 'normal' sex:
With sexual activity you not only decide when it happens, you now have control of what happens (and thus what does not happen), and how it is done. And as he usually doesn't get to ejaculate at the end, you decide when the activity will end, be that after just a few minutes or a few hours.

Note that your partner can still make suggestions and requests for activity. His enthusiasm may inspire you to accept his suggestion, but it may inspire you to have something different happen or you can decide that nothing will happen.

So how does the woman having such control change a couple's sex life?

What happens with most couples who practice Devotional Sex is:

For example, when they wakeup she may decide to actively play with his erection (for say 3 minutes) and that's all that happens before they get up, and then that evening when they go to bed she could have him give her oral sex (for say 25 minutes), she orgasms, and all that happens afterwards is a cuddle.

With you deciding what happens and how it is done you can guide your partner in how best to bring you to orgasm and have him do this whenever you wish. So with Devotional Sex most women orgasm many more times than their partner ejaculates!

Devotional Sex doesn't tell you what activities to do or how often -
it's up to each Princess to discover what works best for her.

What works best for each women varies incredibly. For example:

So there is huge variation in what Devotee couples do, and it's up to you to find out how to reach your peak of happiness.

With Devotional Sex it is usual for her to receive much more oral sex than she gives, and her to have many more orgasms then him. Clearly this is a very unbalanced and unequal sex life.

So why would he be willing or even eager to do Devotional Sex?

Click continue (below, right) to find out how balance is restored and why he is likely to enjoy Devotional Sex just as much as you.


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