Devotional Sex

How Often does a Knight Ejaculate?

My recommendations for the average
number of days between him Climaxing is:

His age:
rare peak

These recommendations are only a starting point
and each couple needs to work out what works best for them. 

Beginner is someone just starting to explore Devotional Sex.

Intermediate is when he has got past the 'blue balls' stage but has not yet fully tamed his energy.

Experienced is for a Chivalrous Knight ie he has fully learned to control his erotic energy.

As you can see the Knight's age makes a very big difference. What is easy for an older person will be a huge challenge for someone much younger.

The other key factor is the Knight's experience. What is easy for an experienced Knight is likely to be a huge challenge for a beginner.

So younger and less experienced Knights should not try to match what older and/or more experienced Knights do.


Couples can have most Seasons last about the same length, or they can have lots of variation.

For example, an experienced 4o year old Knight would usually last 6 to 8 days, could sometimes have a shorter Season of only 4 to 5 days or a longer Season of 9 to 10 days, and every once in a while his Princess could surprise him with a Season lasting only 1 to 3 days or challenge him with a Season lasting 11 to 14 days.

The average of all of this would be the 7 days recommend above.

The Experienced Rare Peak is the maximum I recommend for those rare times when an experienced Knight is really challenged.

For beginners and intermediates their every once-in-a-while maximum would also be about double their recommended average.


I recommend that when first exploring Devotional Sex couples agree to do the Beginner Spells which all have the Knight committing to not Climax until the agreed end of the Spell (eg a Devotional Weekend has them both agree that he won't Climax until the end of Sunday). In this case the above table helps you decide how long a Spell will best suit you.

More experienced couples enjoy Stretches of Devotional Sex or live this way.

With these the Knight never knows when his Princess will have him Climax and she can then sometimes have him ejaculate earlier than usual and sometimes challenge him by having him last longer than usual.

See Her Managing His Ejaculations for lots more information about this.

Individual Differences

The above recommendations are only a starting point. Just as with an exercise regime, some people will find challenging what others find easy.

If the above recommendations are too challenging then ejaculating a bit less often than suggested above isn't changing the dynamic and feel of Devotional Sex - just getting the timing right for you.

The aim is to spend most of the Season in The Zone where he has the energy to power Devotional Sex and he is enjoying this enough to not feel that he needs to ejaculate.
So when he reaches his average he should feel that it is then about the right time to Climax. If he doesn't feel this with what I've recommended then just go for a bit longer.

Your practice of Devotional Sex is not any better or worse than what others do if what is right for you is a bit shorter or longer than I recommend.

Ejaculating much more often

A normal Season of Devotional Sex has about the first 10 to 20% of time with him building up his energy, then most of the time him having enough energy to be in The Zone.

If the Knight Climaxes much more often than I recommend then the dynamic and feel of the Season will be very different and be more like vanilla where he is either not energized or once she is encouraging his energy he is expecting to ejaculate.

Of course each couple should do what works best for them, but I urge those who do much shorter Seasons to explore going for longer to get closer to the experience I describe in this website.

Him lasting much longer

Some couples may feel that the longer he lasts the better.

But before deciding to go lots longer than I recommend above please consider the following:
As always you should do what works best for you and your partner. So it is up to each couple to weigh up each of these points (which are explained further if you click More)

Discussion & Questions

You can discuss or ask questions about the frequency of a Knight's ejaculations here at the Devotional Sex Forum.

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